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Resource Sustainability Project Review Meeting - Proceedings

  • Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Opening Plenary Session

Dr. Brian Anderson
Director of the National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy

Mr. Brad Crabtree
Assistant Secretary for Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM), U.S. Department of Energy

Dr. Bryan Morreale
Research and Innovation Center, National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy

Critical Minerals Sustainability


The Illinois Basin CORE-CM Initiative (FE0032049)
Jared Freiburg, Illinois State Geological Survey

Critical Minerals in Coaly Strata of the Cherokee-Forest City Basin (FE0032056)
Franciszek Hasiuk, University of Kansas Center for Research

Consortium to Assess Northern Appalachia Resource Yield (CANARY) of CORE-CM for Advanced Materials (FE0032052)
Sarma V. Pisupati and Jonathan P. Matthews, The Pennsylvania State University

Evolve Central Appalachia (Evolve CAPP) (FE0032055)
Richard E. Bishop, Virginia Tech

Mid-Appalachian Carbon Ore, Rare Earth and Critical Minerals Initiative (FE0032054)
Paul Ziemkiewicz, West Virginia University

Manufacturing Valuable Coal-Derived Products in Southern Appalachia (FE0032045)
Charles Sims, University of Tennessee

Preliminary Assessment of Coal and Ash Resources in the Gulf Coast Basin (FE0032053)
Bridget Scanlon, Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin

Powder River Basin Core-CM: Advancing Strategies for Carbon Ore, Rare Earth Element and Critical Mineral Resource Development in the Nation’s Largest Coal Producing Basin (FE0032048)
Erin Philips, University of Wyoming
Morgan V. Evans, Battelle Memorial Institute

Williston Basin CORE-CM Initiative (FE0032060)
John P. Kay, University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center

Bringing Alaska’s CORE-CM Potential into Perspective (FE0032050)
Brent Sheets, University of Alaska – Fairbanks
Marwan A Wartes, Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys


Rare Earth Elements (REE) in Late Cretaceous Coal and Beach-Placer Sandstone Deposits in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico: Preliminary Observations (FE0032051)
Virginia McLemore, New Mexico Bureau of Geology/New Mexico Tech

Transforming Unita Basin Earth Materials for Advanced Products (TUBE-MAP) I-Based and Related Resources (FE0032046)
Michael Free, University of Utah

CORE-CM in the Greater Green River and Wind River Basins: Transforming and Advancing a National Coal Asset (FE0032047)
Davin Bagdonas, University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources

Evaluation of Laser-Based Analysis of Rare Earth Elements in Coal-Related Materials (FWP-FE-781-16-FY17)
Sam Clegg, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Carbon Ore Processing


Carbon Ore Processing Program Overview
Joseph Stoffa, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Scale up Production of Graphite from Carbon Ore and Coal Refuse (FWP-FEAA157)
Edgar Lara-Curzio, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Molded Graphite Products Synthesized from Waste-Coal (FE0032141)
Dwayne Morgan, Touchstone Research Laboratory

Utilization of Carbon Supply Chain Wastes and Byproducts to Manufacture Graphite for Energy Storage Applications (FE0032144)
Jason Trembly, Ohio University

Advanced Processing of Coal and Waste Coal to Produce Graphite for Fast-Charging Lithium-Ion Battery Anode (FE0032139)
Alexander Azenkeng, University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center

Coal as Value-Added for Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes (FE0031879)
Kyle Marcus, Semplastics

Laboratory-Scale Coal-Derived Graphene Process (FE0031881)
Alexander Azenkeng, University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center

Lignite-Derived Carbon Materials for Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes (FE0031984)
Xiaodong Hou, University of North Dakota

Low Cost Conversion of Coal to Graphene: Bench-scale Testing, Modeling and Techno-Economical Analysis (FE0031999)
Rouzbeh Shahsavari, C-Crete Technologies

Efficient Ultra-Rapid Microwave Plasma Process for Generation of High Value Industrial Carbons and 3D Printable Composites from Domestic Coal (FE0031793)
George Skoptsov, H Quest Vanguard
Randy Vander Wal, Pennsylvania State University

Conversion of Coal to Li-Ion Battery Grade Graphite (FE0031797)
Michael J. Wagner, The George Washington University

Developing a Facile Technology for Converting Domestic United States Coal into High-Value Graphene Materials (FE0031988)
Duy Xuan Luong, Universal Matter, Ltd.

Efficient Process for the Production of High Conductivity, Carbon-Rich Materials from Coal (SC0018837)
Dorin V. Preda, Physical Sciences, Inc.

Lab-Scale Production of Particle Bonded Filaments with High-Loading Coal-Derived Carbon (FE0032147)
Kun Fu, University of Delaware

Advanced Remediation and Methane Mitigation Technologies


Plugging Orphaned and Abandoned Wells (FWP-1022415-Task 24)
Eilis Rosenbaum, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Beneficial Reuse of Drill Cuttings as Soil Supplements (FWP-10224150-Task 23)
Christina Lopano, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Fully Distributed Acoustic and Magnetic Field Monitoring Via a Single Fiber Line for Optimized Production of Unconventional Resource Plays (FE0031786)
Daniel Homa, Virginia Tech

Engineered Water for Improved Oil Recovery from Fractured Reservoirs (FE0031791)
Kishore Mohanty, The University of Texas at Austin

Novel ‘Smart Microchip Proppants’ Technology for Precision Diagnostics of Hydraulic Fracture Networks (FE0031784)
Amirmasoud Kalantari Dahaghi, The University of Kansas

Dynamic Binary Complexes (DBC) as Super-Adjustable Viscosity Modifiers for Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids (FE0031778)
Mustafa Akbulut, Texas A&M University

Unlocking the Tight Oil Reservoirs of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming (FE0031779)
Eric Robertson, University of Wyoming, Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute

CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery Improvement in Conventional Fields Using Rich Gas (FE0031789)
Bethany Kurz, University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center

Development of an Optical Based Single Well Seismic System (OSWS) for Improved Characterization and Subsurface Monitoring (SC0018613)
Bjorn Paulsson and Mike Wylie, Paulsson, Inc.

HFTS-1 Liner Refrac Project Update (FE0024292)
Jordan Ciezobka, GTI Energy

Project PARETO – DOE’s Produced Water Optimization Initiative (FWP-1022477)
Markus Drouven and Miguel Zamarripa-Perez, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Predicting Pollutant Generation in the Subsurface to Inform Produced Wastewater Remediation and Reuse (FWP-1022415 - Task 27)
Lauren Burrows, Leidos Research Support Team (LRST)

Monitoring Well-to-Well Communication to Reduce Environmental Impacts (FWP-1022415 - Task 25)
Djuna Gulliver, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Digital Library for DOE Field Laboratories (FWP-1022415-Task 22)
Dustin Crandall and Kelly Rose, National Energy Technology Laboratory


Subsurface Hydrogen Assessment, Storage, and Technology Acceleration (SHASTA) Project Overview (FWP-1022478)
Angela Goodman, National Energy Technology Laboratory

A Modular System for Direct Conversion of Methane into Methanol via Photocatalysis (FE0031867)
Gang Wan and Eddie Sun, Stanford University

Undocumented Orphaned Wells Program Overview (LANL-AE-963-1161)
Hari Viswanathan, Los Alaos National Laboratory

Nanocomposite Advanced Surface Protection (HydroPel) for Safe and Efficient Hydrogen Transport in Existing Steel Pipelines (SC0021946)
Ganesh Kumar Arumugam and Vinod P. Veedu, Oceanit Laboratories, Inc.

Water Management


Water Management R&D at FECM: An Overview
Hichem Hadjeres, Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management

Water Electrodialysis Reversal Pilot Test Update (FE0032066)
Matthew K. Heermann, Sargent & Lundy

Improvement of Coal Power Plant Dry Cooling Technology Through Application of Cold Thermal Energy Storage (FE0031886)
Lida Yan, University of North Carolina Charlotte

Advanced Dry-Cooling with Integrated Enhanced Air-cooled Condenser and Daytime Load-Shifting Thermal Energy Storage for Improved Powerplant Efficiency (FE0031979)
Raj Manglik, University of Cincinnati

Clean Water Production in Cooling Towers (FE0032057)
Karim Khalil, Infinite Cooling, Inc.

Water Recovery from Cooling Tower Plumes (FE0031828)
Karim Khalil, Infinite Cooling, Inc.

Water Management for Power Systems: Experimental Tasks (FWP-1022428)
Nicholas Siefert, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Water Management for Power Systems: System Analysis Tasks (FWP-1022428)
Alison Fritz, National Energy Technology Laboratory

The National Energy Water Treatment and Speciation (NEWTS) Database (FWP-1022428)
Burt Thomas, National Energy Technology Laboratory


  • Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Opening Plenary Session

Mr. Ryan Peay
Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for Resource Sustainability, Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM), U.S. Department of Energy


Ms. Vanessa Núñez-López
Director, Advanced Remediation Technologies, FECM, U.S. Department of Energy

Mr. Timothy Reinhardt
Director, Methane Mitigation Technologies, FECM, U.S. Department of Energy

Dr. Grant Bromhal
Acting Director, Mineral Sustainability, FECM, U.S. Department of Energy

Dr. Christine Veeder
Senior Advisor, Office of Energy Jobs, U.S. Department of Energy

Critical Minerals Sustainability


Development and Testing of an Integrated Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) Treatment and Rare Earth/Critical Mineral Plant (FE0031834)
Paul Ziemkiewicz, West Virginia University

Demonstration of Scaled-Production of Rare Earth Oxides and Critical Materials from Coal-Based Sources (FE0031827)
Rick Honaker, University of Kentucky

Rare Earth Element Extraction and Concentration at Pilot-Scale from North Dakota Coal-Related Feedstocks (FE0031835)
Nolan Theaker, University of North Dakota

Rare Earth Element Extraction from Powder River Basin Coal Byproducts (TCF)
Christina Lopano, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Multi-Sourced Collaboration for the Production and Refining of Rare Earth and Critical Metals (FE0032119)
Josh Werner, University of Kentucky

Production of Germanium and Gallium Concentrates for Industrial Processes (FE0032124)
Steven Benson, Microbeam Technologies Incorporated

Technology Development and Integration for Volume Production of High Purity Rare Earth Metals from Phosphate Processing (FE0032123)
Patrick Zhang, FIPR Institute, Florida Polytechnic University

Advanced Processing of Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals from Acid Mine Drainage Feedstocks (FE0032120)
Aaron Noble, Virginia Tech


Extraction, Separation, and Production of High Purity Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals from Coal-Based and Related Resources (FE0032122)
Michael Free, University of Utah

Tunable Electrochemical Pathway for High-Purity Rare Earth Metals (REM) and Critical Minerals (CM) (FE0032121)
Jivan Thakare, University of North Dakota, Energy & Environmental Research Center

Multi-Bed Adsorption Study for the Fractionation of Critical Metals from Acid Mine Drainage (FWP-1022420)
Walter Wilfong, Leidos Research Support Team
McMahan Gray, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Development of Ligand-Associated Solid-Liquid Extraction of High Purity Rare Earth Elements (SC0021702)
Chett Boxley, GlycoSurf, LLC
Timothy Dittrich, Wayne State University

Carbon Ore Processing


Solution Processible Carbon Precursors for 2D Amorphous Carbon Dielectric (FWP-1022432)
Christopher Matranga and Congjun Wang, National Energy Technology Laboratory

U.S. Coal to Conductive Inks (SC0018694)
James G. Hnat and Kevin C. Kerns, Minus 100, LLC

Production of Carbon Nanomaterials and Sorbents from Domestic U.S. Coal (FE0031798)
Seyed Dastgheib, University of Illinois

Environmentally Friendly Production of High-Quality and Multifunctional Carbon Quantum Dots from Coal (FE0031997)
Maohong Fan and Zhe Chan, University of Wyoming


C4WARD: Coal Conversion for Carbon Fibers and Composites (FWP-FEAA155)
Edgar Lara-Curzio, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Coal-Derived Alternatives to Fiber-Cementitious Building Materials (FE0031981)
Jason Trembly, Ohio University

Coal to Carbon Fiber (C2CF) Continuous Processing for High Value Composites (FE0031796)
Matthew Weisenberger, University of Kentucky, Center for Applied Energy Research

Coal Plastic Composite Piping Infrastructure Components (FE0031982)
Jason Trembly, Ohio University


High-Performance Coal-Based Commercial Façade Panels and Architectural Components (FE0031990)
Walter Sherwood, Semplastics

Low Weight, High Strength Coal-Based Building Materials for Infrastructure Products (FE0031991)
Walter Sherwood, Semplastics

Coal Core Composites for Low Cost, Light Weight, Fire Resistant Panels and Roofing Materials (Phase IIB) (SC0018794)
Walter Sherwood, Semplastics EHC, LLC

Manufacture of Carbon Foam in a Continuous Process at Atmospheric Pressure (FE0031992)
Rudolph Olson III, CONSOL Innovations (Formerly CFOAM LLC)

Fused Deposition Modeling Additive Manufacturing of Carbonized Structures Via Waste-Enhanced Filaments (FE0032143)
Yahya Taha Ayed Al-Majali, Ohio University

Coal Enhanced PEEK Filament Production For Additive Manufacturing In Industrial Services (FE0032146)
Lakshmi Vendra, Baker Hughes

Advanced Remediation and Methane Mitigation Technologies


Cost-effective Optical Seismic for Unconventional Wells and Alternative Energy (FE0031780)
Caleb A. Christensen, MagiQ Technologies, Inc.

Chemically Enabled Carbon Dioxide Enhanced Oil Recovery in Multi-Porosity, Hydrothermally Altered Carbonates in the Southern Michigan Basin (FE0031792)
Matt Young, Battelle

Demonstration of Hydromechanical Fracture Changes Using Electromagnetic Surveys (FE0031785)
Mohsen Ahmadian, Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas at Austin

Non-Fouling, Low Cost Electrolytic Coagulation and Disinfection for Treating Flowback and Produced Water for Reuse (FE0031854)
James Farrell, University of Arizona

Improving Production in the Emerging Paradox Oil Play (FE0031775)
Brian McPherson, University of Utah

Field Evaluation of the Caney Shale as an Emerging Unconventional Play, Southern Oklahoma (FE0031776)
Mileva Radonjic and James (Jim) Puckette, Oklahoma State University

Permanent Magnet (PM) Induction Heater for Paraffin Abatement (SC0018464)
Mukul M. Sharma, Austin Geotech Services, Inc.

The Austin Chalk/Eagle Ford Field Laboratory (FE0031579)
Dan Hill, Texas A&M University

Field Pilot Test of Foam-Assisted Hydrocarbon Gas Injection in Bakken Formations (FE0031787)
Mohammad Piri, University of Wyoming
Kaveh Ahmadi, Hess Corporation

First Ever Field Pilot on Alaska’s North Slope to Validate the Use of Polymer Floods for Heavy Oil EOR (FE0031606)
Abhijit Dandekar, University of Alaska Fairbanks


Process Intensification by a One-Step, Plasma-Assisted Synthesis of Liquid Chemicals from Light Hydrocarbons (FE0031862)
Jason Hicks, University of Notre Dame

Low Cost Retrofit Kit for Integral Reciprocating Compressors to Reduce Emissions and Enhance Efficiency (FE0031863)
Pejman Kazempoor, University of Oklahoma

Gas to Carbon Crystals (FE0031868)
Brad Rupp, Palo Alto Research Corporation

Microwave Catalysis for Process Intensified Modular Production of Carbon Nanomaterials from Natural Gas (FE0031866)
John Hu, West Virginia University

Methane Mitigation Using Linear Motor Leak Recovery Compressor (FE0031875)
Jason Stair, GTI Energy

Modular Processing of Flare Gas for Carbon Nanoproducts (FE0031870)
Alan (Al) Weimer and Jessica Hauck, University of Colorado Boulder

Electrocatalytically Upgrading Methane to Benzene in a Highly Compacted Microchannel Protonic Ceramic Membrane Reactor (FE0031871)
Jianhua (Joshua) Tong, Clemson University

Reduction of Methane Leaks through Corrosion Mitigation Pre-treatments for Pipelines with Field Applied Coatings (FE0031874)
Kenneth Y. Lee, Det Norske Veritas

Methane Mitigation for the Compression Industry (FE0031865)
Derek Johnson, West Virginia University

Predictive Self-Healing Seals for Gas Transmission (FE0031876)
Michael W. Keller, The University of Tulsa

Catalyst, Reactor and Process Innovation for One-Step Non-Oxidative Methane Upgrading (FE0031877)
Dongxia Liu, University of Maryland College Park

Methane Partial Oxidation Over Multifunctional 2-D Materials (FE0031878)
Andreas Heyden, University of South Carolina


  • Thursday, October 27, 2022

Critical Minerals Sustainability


An Overview of NETL’s Critical Minerals Research Portfolio (FWP-1022420)
Burt Thomas, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Developing a Geo-Data Science Method for Assessing Rare-Earth Occurrences from Unconventional Geologic Sources (FWP-1022420)
Kelly Rose, National Energy Technology Laboratory
Scott Montross, LRST

Characterization Informed Recovery of Critical Minerals from Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Solids (FWP-1022420)
Mengling Stuckman, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Portable Fiber Optic Sensors for Critical Metal Ions (FWP1022420)
Scott Crawford, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Carbon Ore Processing


Environmentally Friendly Use of Carbon Ore for Advanced Building Materials for Homes and Commercial Buildings (FE0031985)
William Easter, X-MAT CCC, LLC

Coal-Waste-Enhanced Filaments for Additive Manufacturing of High-Temperature Plastics and Ceramic Composites (FE0032145)
Walter Sherwood, Semplastics

Coal-Based Bricks & Blocks (CBBs): Process Development to Prototype Fabrication Coupled with Techno-Economic Analysis and Market Survey (FE0031987)
Randy Vander Wal, Pennsylvania State University

Eco-Friendly High-Performance Building Material Development from Coal (FE0031996)
Kam Ng, University of Wyoming


Light, High Performance and Scalable Coal-Derived Composites for Construction (FE0031980)
Rouzbeh Shahsavari, C-Crete Technologies

Utilizing Coal-Derived Solid Carbon Materials Towards Next-Generation Smart and Multifunction Pavements (FE0031983)
Hongyu Zhou, University of Tennessee

Development of Novel Sintered Carbon-Ore Building Materials (FE0032083)
Matt Fuka, Microbeam Technologies, Inc.

Low Cost, Rapid and Scalable Microwave Carbon Ore MeltCasting for Modular Carbon-Based Building (FE0032085)
Rouzbeh Shahsavari, C-Crete Technologies

Coal to Carbon Fiber Novel Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (SCO2) Solvated Process (FE0031800)
Charles S. Hill, Ramaco Carbon

Experimental Validation and Continuous Testing of an On-Purpose High-Yield Pitch Synthesis Process for Producing Carbon Fiber from US Domestic Coal (FE0031801)
Charles S. Hill, Ramaco Carbon, LLC

Coal Refining: A Low Cost Environmentally Compliant, High BTU (FE0031708)
Lee G. Meyer, Carbon Fuels, LLC

Pilot-Scale Testing of the Hydrophobic-Hydrophilic Separation Process to Produce Value-Added Products from Waste Coals (FE0031711)
Roe-Hoan Yoon and Christopher Aaron Noble, Virginia Tech

Sub-Pilot-Scale Production of High-Value Products from U.S. Coals (FE0031880)
Eric Eddings, University of Utah

Advanced Remediation and Methane Mitigation Technologies


Advanced Multi-Dimensional Capacitance Sensors Based Multiphase Mass Flow Meter to Measure and Monitor Offshore Enhanced Oil Recovery Systems (FE0031858)
Qussai Marashdeh, Tech4Imaging, LLC

Enhancing Offshore Recovery by Enabling Longer, Safer, and Cheaper Subsea Well Tiebacks (FE0031859)
Art J. Schroeder, Jr., Subsea Shuttle, LLC

In-Situ Applied Coatings for Mitigating Gas Hydrate Deposition in Deepwater Operations (FE0031578)
Carolyn A. Koh, Colorado School of Mines
Vinod Veedu, Oceanit

Hexagonal Boron Nitrate Reinforced Multifunctional Well Cement for Extreme Conditions (FE0031574)
Rouzbeh Shahsavari, C-Crete Technologies, LLC

Underwater Laser Telecommunications and Remote Access (FE0031857)
Ishan Mons, Oceanit Laboratories, Inc.

Geohazards and Subsurface Uncertainty Smart Modeling with the Subsurface Trend Analysis Tool (FWP-1022409 - Task 5)
MacKenzie Mark-Moser, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Infrastructure and Metocean Technology: The Ocean & Geohazard Analysis (FWP-1022409 - Task 6)
MacKenzie Mark-Moser and Rodrigo Duran, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Smart Infrastructure Integrity Models to Support Remediation and Inform Safe Use Strategies (FWP-1022409 - Task 10)
Lucy Romeo and Jennifer Bauer, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Relative Permeability for Offshore HPHT (FWP-1022409 - Task 7)
Dustin Crandall, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Thermodynamic Modeling of Mineral Scale at HighTemperatures and High-Pressures (FWP-1022409 - Task 8)
Isaac Gamwo, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Kick Signatures through Advanced Multi-Phase Data (FWP-1022409 - Task 12)
Janine Carney, National Energy Technology Laboratory


Production of Hydrogen and Carbon from Associated Gas Catalytic Pyrolysis (FWP-1022467 - Task 2)
Ranjani Siriwardane, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Upcycling of Associated Gas into BTX via Microwave Assisted Catalysis (FWP-1022467 - Task 3)
Daniel Haynes, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Advanced Sensors for Real-Time Monitoring of Natural Gas Pipelines (FWP-1022424 - Task 2)
Ruishu Wright, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Pipeline Materials Technologies for Mitigating Corrosion, Methane Emissions, and Hydrogen Embrittlement (FWP-1022424 - Task 3)
Omer Dogan, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Natural Gas Infrastructure: Field-based Methane Emissions Quantification (FWP-1022424 - Task 5)
Natalie Pekney, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Core-Shell Oxidative Aromatization Catalysts for Single Step Liquefaction of Distributed Shale Gas (FE0031869)
Luke Neal, North Carolina State University

Advancing Development of Emissions Detection (ADED) (FE0031873)
Daniel Zimmerle, Colorado State University

Solid State Mixed-Potential Electrochemical Sensors for Natural Gas Leak Detection and Quality Control (FE0031864)
Lok-kun Tsui, University of New Mexico Center for MicroEngineered Materials


The 2023 Gulf of Mexico Hydrate Coring Program and the Visco-Plastic Behavior of the Hydrate Reservoir (FE0023919)
Peter B. Flemings and Alejandro Cardona, University of Texas at Austin

Alaska Natural Gas Hydrate Production Test: Accomplishments To-Date and Science In Progress (89243321SFE000024)
Seth Haines, U.S. Geological Survey

Natural Gas Hydrate Research at NETL (FWP-1022410)
Yongkoo Seol, National Energy Technology Laboratory