Strategic Systems Analysis and Engineering

The discovery, design, and operation of energy systems benefit from systematic decision-making techniques for the often competing goals of maximizing profits, minimizing costs, addressing market and policy drivers, and meeting environmental and technical constraints. To accomplish this, NETL researchers develop and use advanced models coupled with optimization and uncertainty quantification to support decision-making. Methodologies based in the fundamental disciplines of mathematics, economics, finance, operations research, chemical engineering, and computer science are complemented by experimental capabilities in chemistry, physics, and biology, as well as pilot-scale evaluation. Integration of computational and applied research provides insights to new technology; identifies new energy concepts; and analyzes energy system interaction at plant, regional, national, and global scales. Capabilities related to this competency include:

  • Energy Systems Analysis
  • Process System Engineering
  • Process Innovation
  • Enterprise-wide Energy Systems
  • Portfolio and Risk Assessment


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This research supports NETL’s Systems Engineering and Analysis competency.