At the core of NETL’s success is its commitment to hiring the right people for the right positions. As the Department of Energy’s only government-owned and government-operated national laboratory, we offer exciting federal careers in research and engineering, technical project management, procurement, finance and budget, legal, and administrative support.

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NETL is a dynamic national laboratory that produces cutting-edge technologies that are respected around the world, giving employees opportunities to perform meaningful and challenging work. The three technical sites are uniquely vibrant atmospheres for people to connect, learn, and become inspired.

Who We Are

Our federal workforce includes many career paths such as:

  • Research Scientists and Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Contract Support
  • Finance and Budget
  • Legal
  • Administrative Support

Please visit USAJOBS to search and apply for all federal opportunities available at NETL.

Our three main sites are:

NETL Benefits

NETL offers excellent employment benefits that foster a positive and engaging work environment. Our competitive benefits packages include things like flexible work schedules, 10 paid holidays, retirement plans, onsite child care, and much more! Learn more about NETL employment benefits.


Internship Opportunities

NETL offers students, recent graduates, and faculty opportunities to participate in energy-related research and explore the nation’s energy challenges. Through various national programs and collaborations with institutions of higher learning, NETL contributes to the education and training of scientists, engineers, and professionals to increase the pipeline of innovators ready to pursue a career in energy-related fields. These internship opportunities allow NETL to distinctively encourage and engage the next generation of energy leaders.


Employment Policies and Practices

NETL is an equal-opportunity employer and is committed to maintaining a high quality, diverse, and motivated workforce. Click the links below to learn more about NETL’s employment policies and practices.