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Available Property

Buying Property From NETL

NETL offers surplus equipment for sale to the public and provides opportunities for colleges and universities to acquire laboratory equipment. It also provides gifts of math and science equipment to eligible recipients in the field of education.

Personal Property Sales Program

The following surplus personal property is available for sale to the public.

Laboratory Equipment Donation Grant Program (LEDP) (formerly known as EnergyRelated Laboratory Equipment (ERLE) Grant Program

This program permits universities, colleges, and other non-profit educational institutions to acquire used energy-related laboratory equipment. All non-profit educational institutions of higher learning that are interested in establishing or upgrading energy-oriented educational programs in life, physical, and environmental sciences or in engineering are eligible. The website can be accessed at:

Math and Science Equipment Gift Program

This program provides for gifts of excess or surplus education-related, federal research equipment to eligible recipients to improve math and science curricula or to conduct technical and scientific education and research. This program is applicable to kindergarten through 12th grade.

For additional information on any of the above programs, please contact John Bargo email