Regional Workforce Initiative

The mission of NETL’s Regional Workforce Initiative is to create a platform for regional stakeholders to engage the laboratory and other federal agencies in collaborative workforce development efforts. These efforts complement energy and advanced manufacturing innovation and research by addressing the necessary workforce needs and gaps necessary to successfully commercialize and deploy energy technologies. The RWFI works to catalyze research investments into enduring economic development and workforce/job opportunities for the Appalachian region and the nation.


NETL RWFI and Workforce and Economic Development

Energy and advanced manufacturing jobs support millions of direct and indirect jobs in the US economy and ensuring a trained workforce is a critical component of a vibrant economy. Through working with local, state, and national governmental, non-governmental and educational institutions, the RWFI works to identify skills and training gaps with respect to energy and advanced manufacturing jobs. Once identified, RWFI can provide an opportunity to leverage federal activities related to workforce development to the workforce infrastructure of the Appalachian region and all regions where NETL has a presence. The NETL RWFI also strives to connect economic development stakeholders to activities within NETL, as well as to the Department of Energy and other federal agencies that support economic development activities focused on energy and advanced manufacturing.


Key Activities of NETL RWFI

One of the key activities of NETL RWFI is linking regional stakeholders to NETL RWFI staff and to each other to share related projects and missions. We do this by hosting webinars on specific topics related to workforce and by hosting in-person lab tours and meetings with NETL researchers and partnership groups staff.

  • Hosting stakeholder meetings at NETL Morgantown, Pittsburgh, and Albany, Oregon
  • Webinars in specific topics in energy and advanced manufacturing workforce and economic development
  • Research and Innovation priorities background briefings
  • Partnering with regional workforce stakeholders on funding opportunities
  • Encouraging collaboration and coordination with other federal, national, and regional workforce initiatives
  • NETL RWFI engages over 800 regional and national individual stakeholders from more than 400 institutions and organizations (academic, industry, governmental and non-governmental)
  • To date, the NETL RWFI Energy 101 Webinar series has seen over 2000 registrants to the webinars.
  • NETL RWFI has catalyzed over $2M of investment in energy workforce and economic development activities.

E- Note Monthly

The NETL RWFI E-Note is a monthly communication intended for workforce and economic development stakeholders, including governmental, non-governmental, industry, and academic partners. It includes announcements on regional and national workforce related funding opportunities, meetings and conference notifications, reports and resources, and other energy workforce related information. If you would like to be added to the monthly email communication of the RWFI E-Note please email to be added. Past communications can be accessed here.

In the NETL RWFI E-Note Monthly

  • Regional and National Education, Workforce and Economic Development Funding Opportunities
  • Economic Development and Workforce Meetings and Conference Notifications
  • Workforce related reports, resources and tools
  • News on workforce and economic development advancements in the region

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