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NETL Regional Workforce Initiative (NETL RWFI)
Webinar Announcement: 

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NETL RWFI Energy 101- Blockchain R&D For Improved Cybersecurity 

Thursday, April 28th, 11-12 PM ET

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (registration free but limited) 

Did you know that NETL has a world leading and cutting-edge program in cybersecurity utilizing unique subject matter expertise and technology to overcome some of the biggest issues in making a safer and more secure environment for our nation’s energy infrastructure? 

Because the United States’ energy infrastructure is increasingly interconnected with a range of new technologies, NETL has been developing ways to improve the security and reliability of fossil energy systems. It’s part of an effort to accommodate Industry 4.0 - a fourth industrial revolution sparked by the combination of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices with the increasingly technological world of the 21st Century.

In this month’s Energy 101, we will learn about how NETL is using blockchain technology to secure the US energy sector through an effort called Blockchain for Optimized Security and Energy Management (BLOSEM). BLOSEM is a multi-lab collaboration, established to develop energy-sector guidance, standardized metrics, and testing environments for technology maturation of novel blockchain-based concepts for device security, secure communications, and grid resilience. This project is seeking to build out a testing infrastructure to evaluate blockchain-based concepts that may be useful for industry as a resource for evaluating and testing use cases. 

Preliminary Agenda (Subject to Change) 

  • The Regional Workforce Initiative- Anthony Armaly, Federal Coordinator NETL RWFI
  • Blockchain R&D for Improved Cybersecurity – Sydni Cradle, NETL Technology Manager  
  • Workforce and Economic Development Question and Answer Panel 

About the Energy 101 Series

The NETL RWFI Energy 101 Series provides a basic primer on the research and development conducted at NETL. Researchers at the Lab present information on their work in an easy-to-follow and thus easy-to-communicate fashion. Discussion topics include the potential economic and workforce development opportunities that successful research into these topics and their related challenges.

About the NETL RWFI: 

The NETL Regional Workforce Initiative (RWFI) is a platform for consistent, meaningful, results driven engagement, collaboration and partnerships with key workforce, education and economic development stakeholders who are critical for the deployment of U.S. DOE and NETL Energy and Advanced Manufacturing technological research investments and breakthroughs by catalyzing these research investments into enduring economic development and workforce/job opportunities for the Appalachian region and the Nation.