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NETL Regional Workforce Initiative

NETL RWFI –2020 US Energy and Employment Report (USEER) Briefing Webinar

NETL Regional Workforce Initiative Webinar Announcement

NETL RWFI –2020 US Energy and Employment Report (USEER) Briefing Webinar

Thursday, May 21, 11-12 pm

Did you know that for the last five years the energy sector created jobs 50% faster than the rest of the economy and in 2019 employed 8.27 million people?

Join us on Thursday, May 21st from 11-12 PM as the NETL RWFI presents the results of the 2020 US Energy Employment Report (USEER). You will gain insight on the trends in US energy employment both nationally and regionally and how recent volatile economic conditions from COVID-19 may affect short- and long-term employment trends.

The National Energy Technology Laboratory’s Regional Workforce Initiative (NETL RWFI) invites you to attend the 2020 U.S. Energy Jobs and Employment Report (USEER) Briefing webinar, where you will learn about the current state of the energy and advanced manufacturing workforce for the tri-state (Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia) and the broader Appalachian region as well as emerging national trend and national energy jobs data. The webinar will also touch on how recent events may affect employment in the short and long term in energy and manufacturing.


“First published in 2016 and 2017 by the U.S. Department of Energy, the USEER offers unique insights into the people who meet the country’s energy needs, and identifies important trends and skill sets for the 21st Century energy workforce. It serves as an important and consistent tool for policymakers at the state and federal level, trade associations, labor unions, and other key stakeholders. As the fifth installment of the report, the 2020 USEER includes an exclusive five-year summary of U.S. energy jobs trends. The 2020 USEER analyzes the following five sectors of the U.S. economy: Fuels, Power Generation (EPG), Transmission, Distribution, and Storage (TDS), Energy Efficiency (EE), Motor Vehicles (MV) “
- USEER 2020


  1. NETL RWFI Introduction – Anthony Armaly, NETL Regional Workforce Initiative, Federal Coordinator
  2. 2020 US Energy and Employment Report Regional and National Briefing –David Foster, Distinguished Associate, Energy Futures Initiative (EFI) & Lead Author of the 2020 U.S. Energy & Employment Report (USEER)
  3. Regional and National Impacts Workforce Discussion