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RWFI Events

NETL Regional Workforce Initiative (NETL RWFI)
Webinar Announcement: 

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NETL RWFI Energy 101: Science Based Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Initiative and the Energy Data Exchange (EDX)

 Thursday, May 27th, 2021 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (registration free but limited)

In this month’s Energy 101, we will have subject matter experts from NETL’s Science Based Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (SAMI) Key Lab Initiative, and from NETL’s Energy Data eXchange provide background information on both initiatives including the research goals, how to collaborate with NETL as well as the opportunities and the need for a workforce in AI/ML and in data and data analytics. Established in 2020, SAMI builds off NETL’s unique strengths in science-based modeling and research data curation and management capabilities. It also capitalizes on NETL’s world-class capabilities in high-performance and other scientific computing capabilities. NETL’s Energy Data eXchange (EDX), is an online, public, and private research curation and virtual data laboratory platform developed to improve enduring access to DOE data products and support the next generation of data research and development. Register by clicking here. 

Preliminary Agenda (Subject to Change) 

  • The Regional Workforce Initiative- Anthony Armaly, Federal Coordinator NETL RWFI
  • SAMI and the Energy Data Exchange- Kelly Rose, Technical Director 
  • Discuss Use/Re-Use of Data Opportunities- Chung-Yan Shih, Senior Strategic Data Scientist
  • Workforce and Economic Development Question and Answer Panel 

About the Energy 101 Series
The NETL RWFI Energy 101 Series provides a basic primer on the research and development conducted at NETL. Researchers at the Lab present information on their work in an easy-to-follow and thus easy-to-communicate fashion. Discussion topics include the potential economic and workforce development opportunities that successful research into these topics and their related challenges.

About the NETL RWFI: 
The NETL Regional Workforce Initiative (RWFI) is a platform for consistent, meaningful, results driven engagement, collaboration and partnerships with key workforce, education and economic development stakeholders who are critical for the deployment of U.S. DOE and NETL Energy and Advanced Manufacturing technological research investments and breakthroughs by catalyzing these research investments into enduring economic development and workforce/job opportunities for the Appalachian region and the Nation. For more information visit: