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NETL Regional Workforce Initiative Webinar Announcement

How do research breakthroughs and innovations create regional and national economic and workforce opportunities?

NETL RWFI Energy 101 Webinar- The Water- Energy Nexus

 Friday, November 20th, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm ET

NETL executes and manages a wide spectrum of in house and external projects targeting both water availability and quality issues associated with fossil energy development and use. This includes research and technology development to reduce cooling water demand, to use non-traditional sources of water for thermoelectric generation and resource recovery, and to treat and recover value products from the effluents of coal mining and oil and gas operations. These projects, which range in scope from modelling and analysis to early stage research to fully realized commercial solutions, serve to highlight the Lab’s diverse capabilities and competencies that can be brought to bear to help solve existing and emerging water issues.

About the Energy 101 Series

The NETL RWFI Energy 101 Series provides a basic primer on the research conducted at NETL, including the challenges and potential economic and workforce opportunities that successful research into these topics and their related challenges may bring to the region and the nation.

Preliminary Agenda

  1. Introduction to the NETL RWFI and Energy 101 Series  - Anthony Armaly
  2. The Energy Water Nexus - Nicholas Siefert 
  3. Workforce Discussion - Open Discussion
  4. Conclusion