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City of Pittsburgh MOU

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The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory that produces technological solutions to America’s energy challenges. NETL has a 100-year legacy of discovering safe, affordable ways to extract and use energy resources, from making coal mining safer in the early twentieth century, to synthesizing fuels during World War II, to making fossil energy more affordable, secure, and environmentally friendly in the twenty-first century. 

Since 1910, NETL has been a sparkplug of innovation supporting the city in its industrial and economic evolution with new ideas for safety, efficiency, and productivity. Now, as Pittsburgh celebrates its bicentennial and prepares for a third century as a great American city, NETL is playing a key role in helping develop new ideas and approaches to keeping the city on the national and international forefront of energy innovation by providing input on a range of aggressive new projects throughout the City.

The City of Pittsburgh MOU provides an opportunity for NETL to demonstrate how fossil energy (FE) is a part of the clean energy future, and to show how technologies invented at NETL can support the safe and efficient use of energy. From high-efficiency fuel cells for electricity generation and district energy solutions, to the sensors and technologies to monitor energy infrastructure and detect natural gas leaks, NETL is developing the systems that are the future of energy.

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Technology area contact:

Thomas Tarka

Technology area contact:

James Ferguson