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NETL Logo stacked

The NETL logo is an official graphical identifier of the National Energy Technology Laboratory and is meant for official use only, to represent the Laboratory. It may be used to recognize funding or official support by the Laboratory if the usage has proper qualifying language to explain its presence on non-DOE materials. It cannot be used in a manner that has an implied or explicit endorsement of any private company, service or product. The NETL logo is a registered trademark owned by the United States Department of Energy. The use of ® is not required.

Minimum Sizing


The minimum size of the stacked logo is 1 inch or 25.4 mm in width.

Clear Space

It is important to be conscious of the amount of space used around the logo, especially when it appears with other logos. The clear space helps establish the importance of the logo in environments where it competes with other graphic elements for attention. No matter what size logo you are using, use part of the stylized “E” to determine the appropriate amount of surrounding space, which increases or decreases proportionately with the size of the logo. Please allow for more space whenever possible.


For questions regarding the NETL logo or its use, please contact