Energy Conversion Engineering

NETL has a long history of developing energy conversion systems for the production of power, fuels, and chemicals from coal, natural gas, and (more recently) integrated fossil fuel and renewable generation. Flexible power systems over a range of sizes will be needed to meet future energy demands as interests such as district heating and cooling, smaller grids, energy storage, and further integration with renewables emerge. NETL drives advancements by pioneering new technologies that enable low-carbon power production while optimizing environmental performance, water use, efficiency, and waste minimization. Using fundamental and applied modeling tools coupled with experimental testing, NETL researchers accelerate development of technologies by reducing the time, cost, and technical risk associated with bringing advanced technologies from concept to market. Capabilities related to this competency include:

  • Clean Energy Systems
  • Multiphase Flow Science
  • Combustion Sciences
  • Innovative Energy Concepts
  • Reaction Engineering
  • Diagnostics and Controls

This research supports NETL’s Computational Science & Engineering competency.