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  • August 12, 2021

Opening Remarks/Overview on Capture for Power and Industrial Sources
Lynn Brickett, Carbon Capture Program Manager, Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, U.S. Department of Energy

Technology Centre Mongstad Update
Ernst Petter Axelsen, Managing Director and Arne Thorsen Kolle, Commercial Manager, Technology Centre Mongstad

Engineering Scale Testing of Transformational Non-Aqueous Solvent-Based Carbon Dioxide Capture Process at Technology Centre Mongstad (FE0031590)
Marty Lail, RTI International

Scale Up and Testing of Advanced Polaris CO2 Capture Membranes (FE0031591)
Tim Merkel, MTR

Membrane-Sorbent Hybrid System for Post-Combustion Carbon Capture (FE0031603)
Gokhan Alptekin and Ambalavanan Jayaraman, TDA Research

Engineering-Scale Demonstration of the Mixed-Salt Process for CO2 Capture (FE0031588)
Indira Jayaweera, SRI International

Large Pilot Testing of the MTR Membrane Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Process (FE0031587)
Richard Baker, Membrane Technology and Research, Inc.

Large Pilot Testing of Linde-BASF Advanced Post-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture Technology at a Coal-Fired Power Plant (FE0031581)
Stephanie Brownstein and Kevin OBrien, University of Illinois

National Carbon Capture Center Project Update (FE002256)
Tony Wu, Southern Company Services, Inc

Sorbent Based Post-Combustion CO2 Slipstream Testing (FE0012870)
Fei Yi, TDA Research, Inc.

Pilot Test of a Nanoporous, Super-Hydrophobic Membrane Contactor Process for PostCombustion Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture (FE0012829)
Shiquang Li and Howard Meyer, Gas Technology Institute

Validation of Transformational CO2 Capture Solvent Technology with Revolutionary Stability (Apollo) (FE0031727)
Nathan Fine, ION Clean Energy, Inc.

ROTA-CAP: An Intensified Carbon Capture System Using Rotating Packed Beds (FE0031630)
Osman Akpolat, Gas Technology Institute

Engineering-Scale Test of a Water-Lean Solvent for Post-Combustion Capture (FE0031945)
Joseph Swisher, Electric Power Research Institute


  • August 13, 2021

Modeling the Deployment and Impacts of Capture R&D
Christopher Nichols, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Updated Costs for Carbon Capture Retrofits
Tim Fout, National Energy Technology Laboratory

ACT Overview
Ragnhild RØnneberg, The Research Council of Norway

LAUNCH Project
Gary Rochelle, University of Texas at Austin

Safeguarding Amines from Oxidation by Enabling Technologies (FE0031861)
Gary Rochelle, University of Texas at Austin

Engineering-Scale Demonstration of Transformational Solvent on NGCC Flue Gas (FE0031950)
Nathan Fine, ION Clean Energy, Inc.

Chevron Natural Gas Carbon Capture Technology Testing Project (FE0031944)
Justin Freeman, Chevron

Engineering Scale Design and Testing of Transformational Membrane Technology for CO2 Capture (FE0031946)
Shiguang Li, Gas Technology Institute and Yang Han, The Ohio State University

Critical Component/Technology Gap in Coal FIRST Gasification Based Poly-Generation: Advanced Ceramic Membranes/Modules for Ultra Efficient H2 Production/CO2 Capture for Coal-Based Polygeneration Plants (FE0031930)
Richard Ciora, Media and Process Technology, Inc.

Pilot Testing of a Highly Effective Pre-Combustion Sorbent-Based Carbon Capture System (FE0013105)
Gokhan Alptekin and Ambalavanan Jayaraman, TDA Research

A High Efficiency, Modular Pre-Combustion Capture System for Coal FIRST Poly-Generation Process (FE0031926)
Gokhan Alptekin and Ambalavanan Jayaraman, TDA Research


  • August 16, 2021

Delivering Over 90% CO2 Capture – Learnings From Modelling and Pilot Plant Studies
Mai Bui, Research Associate and Niall Mac Dowell, Professor of Future Energy Systems, Imperial College London

Development and Bench-Scale Testing of a Novel Biphasic Solvent-Enabled Absorption Process for Post-Combustion Carbon Capture (FE0031600)
Yongqi Lu and Paul Nielsen, Illinois State Geological Survey, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

A Process with Decoupled Absorber Kinetics and Solvent Regeneration through Membrane Dewatering and In-Column Heat Transfer (FE0031604)
Kunlei Liu, University of Kentucky

Low Corrosion Pre-Combustion Solvents for Novel Solvent/Membrane Hybrid Capture Processes
Nick Siefert, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Computational Screening of Carbon Capture Materials
Jan Steckel, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Bench-Scale Development of a Transformational Graphene Oxide-Based Membrane Process for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture (FE0031598)
Shiguang Li, Gas Technology Institute and Miao Yu, University of Buffalo (SUNY)

Universal Solvent Viscosity Reduction Via Hydrogen Bonding Disruptors (FE0031629)
Xu Zhou and Hunaid Nulwala, Liquid Ion Solutions, LLC

High-Temperature Ceramic-Carbonate Dual-Phase Membrane Reactor for Pre-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture (FE0031634)
Jerry Lin, Arizona State University

Transformational Membranes for Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture (FE0031635)
Winston Ho and Yang Han, The Ohio State University

Mixed-Salt-Based Transformational Solvent Technology for CO2 Capture (FE0031597)
Palitha Jayaweera, SRI International

Development of Self-Assembly Isoporous Membranes (FE0031596)
Hans Wijmans and Fanglei Zhou, Membrane Technology and Research, Inc.

Highly Permeable Thin Film Composite Membranes of Rubbery Polymer Blends for CO2 Capture
Lingxiang Zhu, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Bench-Scale Development of a Transformative Membrane Process For Pre-Combustion CO2 Capture (FE0031632)
Jay Kniep, Membrane Technology and Research, Inc.

Development of Carbon Molecular Sieves Hollow Fiber Membranes Based on Polybenzimidazole Doped with Polyprotic Acids with Superior H2/CO2 Separation Properties (FE0031636)
Haiqing Lin and Leiqing Hu, University at Buffalo

Emissions Mitigation Technology for Advanced Water-Lean Solvent-based CO2 Capture Processes (FE0031660)
Jak Tanthana, RTI International

Development and Testing of a High Temperature PBI Hollow-Fiber Membrane Technology for Pre-Combustion CO2 Capture (FE0031633)
Indira Jayaweera and Michael Wales, SRI International


  • August 17, 2021

The ARPA-E FLECCS Program: Designing CCS Processes for Future Energy Systems
Scott Litzelman, Program Director, ARPA-E

Reactive Capture
Amishi Kumar, Carbon Utilization Program Manager, Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, U.S. Department of Energy

Advancing Post Combustion CO2 Capture through Increased Mass Transfer and Lower Degradation (FE0031661)
Jesse Thompson, University of Kentucky, Center for Applied Energy Research

Fog and Froth-Based Post Combustion CO2 Capture in Fossil Fuel Power Plants (FE0031733)
Heather Nikolic, University to Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research

Novel Transformational Membranes and Process for CO2 Capture from Flue Gas (FE0031731)
Winston Ho and Yang Han, The Ohio State University

Transformational Molecular Layer Deposition Tailor-Made Size-Sieving Sorbents for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture (FE0031730)
Patrick Underhill, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, James Ritter, University of South Carolina and Miao Yu University of Buffalo

Transformational Sorbent System for Post-Combustion Carbon Capture (FE0031734)
Gokhan Alptekin and Ambalavanan Jayaraman, TDA Research

Bench Scale Testing of a High Efficiency, Ultra-Compact Process for Pre-Combustion CO2 Capture (FE0031737)
Theodore Tsotsis, University of Southern California

Advanced Structured Adsorbent Architectures for Transformative Carbon Dioxide Capture Performance (FE0031732)
Deborah Jelen, Electricore, Inc. and Pierre Hovington, Svante, Inc.

Overview of Carbon Capture Simulation for Industry Impact (CCSI2) Accomplishments
Michael Matuszweski, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Sequential Design of Experiments for Scaling Up Carbon Capture Technologies
Abby Nachtsheim, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Framework for Optimization and Quantification of Uncertainty and Surrogates (FOQUS) Capabilities and Applications
Anuja Deshpande, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Transformational Sorbent-Based Process for a Substantial Reduction in the Cost of CO2 Capture (FE0031722)
Ravi Jain, InnoSepra, LLC

Intensified, Flexible, and Modular Carbon Capture Demonstration with Additively Manufactured Multi-Functional Device (FWP-FEAA384)
Costas Tsouris and Josh Thompson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

High-Efficiency, Integrated Reactors for Sorbents, Solvents, and Membranes using Additive Manufacturing (FWP-FEW0225)
Du Nguyen, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Parametric Testing of CO2BOLS to enable Industry (FWP-76270)
David Heldebrant, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Reducing the Degradation of Carbon Capture Solvents (FWP-77217)
Phillip Koech, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory