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Proceedings - 21st Annual Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Project Review Meeting

  • Tuesday July 21, 2020

SOFC Program Overview
Shailesh Vora, Fuel Cells R&D Portfolio Manager, U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Advances in Development of SOFC Technology at FuelCell Energy (FE 27584, FE31639, FE31648, FE26199)
Hossein Ghezel-Ayagh, FuelCell Energy, Inc.

NETL R&D: SOFC Materials Development and Degradation Modeling
Gregory Hackett, National Energy Technology Laboratory

SOFC Development at PNNL: Overview – PNNL (FWP66841)
John Hardy and Brian Koeppel, Pacific Northwest National Lab 

Reliability of Materials and Components for SOFCs- ORNL (FEAA121)
Edgar Lara-Curzio, Oak Ridge National Lab

Evaluation of Feedstock Materials for SOFC Performance Reliability (FWP20089)
Brian Ingram, Argonne National Laboratory

Enhancing Coking Tolerance and Stability of SOFC Anodes Using Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) of Oxide Thin Films (FE31673)    
Raymond J. Gorte, University of Pennsylvania

Infiltration of Nickel Nanoparticles in Ni/YSZ Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Andoes for Improved Performance (FE26096)
Soumendra Basu, Boston University

Scalable Nano-Scaffold Architecture on the Internal Surface of SOFC Anode for Direct Hydrocarbon Utilization (FE26167)
Xueyan Song, West Virginia University

Development of High Temperature Anode Recycle Blowers for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (FE 27895)
Jose Luis Cordova, Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc.

Sputtered Thin Films for Very High Power, Efficient, and Low-Cost Commercial Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (FE31656)
Bryan Blackburn, Redox Power Systems, LLC


  • Wednesday July 22, 2020 

Redox Robust Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Stacks for affordable, Reliable, Distributed Generation Power Systems (FE27897)
Bryan Blackburn, Redox Power Systems, LLC

Innovative Versatile and Cost-Effective Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack Concept (FE26211)
Nguyen Minh, University of California ‐ San Diego

Developing Accelerated Test Protocols and Tuning Microstructures of the Common Materials to Improve Robustness, Reliability, and Endurance of SOFC Cells (FE26097 and FE31667)
Xiao‐Dong Zhou, University of Louisiana

Tuning Surface Stoichiometry of SOFC Electrodes at the Molecular and Nano-Scale for Enhanced Performance and Durability (FE31662)
Eric Wachsman, University of Maryland

Multi-Constituent Airborne Contaminants Capture with Low Cost Oxide Getters and Mitigation of Cathode Poisoning in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (FE31647)
Prabhakar Singh, University of Connecticut

High-Performance Circuit Pastes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Applications (FE31672)
Jason Nicholas, Michigan State University

Development and Validation of Low-Cost, Highly-Durable, Spinel-Based Contact Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathode-Side Contact Application (FE31187)
Jiahong Zhu, Tennessee Technological University

Molten Salt Synthesis of Core-Shell Heterostructure Cathode Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Srikanth Gopalan, Boston University 

Computationally Guided Design of MULTIPLE Impurities Tolerant Electrode (FE31652)
Yu Zhong, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Minimizing Cr-Evaporation from Balance of Plant Components by Utilizing Cost-Effective Alumina-Forming Austenitic Steels (FE27947)
Xingbo Liu, West Virginia University


  • Thursday July 23, 2020 

Robust Highly Durable Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes - Improved Materials Compatibility & Self-Regulating Surface Chemistry (FE31668)
Harry L. Tuller Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cathodes Cleaning for Endurance Chromium Poisoning Recovery (FE31206)
Uday Pal, Boston University

Effects of Operating Conditions on LSM-Based SOFC Cathodes: EIS Analysis
Mark De Guire, Case Western Reserve University

Cost-Effective, Thin-Film Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Reliable Power Generation (FE31670)
Franglin (Frank) Chen, University of South Carolina

A Transformational Natural Gas Fueled Dynamic Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Data Center In-Rack Power (FE31671)
Kevin Huang, University of South Carolina

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Development and Demonstration Test Center (FE0024233-5.1)
Chad Wocken, University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center (UNDEERC)

Degradation & Performance Studies of Ald-Stabilized Nano-Composite SOFC Cathodes (FE31250)
Jason D. Nicholas, Michigan State University 

On-Demand Designing of Cathode Internal Surface Architecture for Dramatic Enhancement of SOFC Performance and Durability (FE31251 and FE31665)
Xueyan Song, West Virginia University

Multi-Gas Sensors for Enhanced Reliability of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Operation (FE31653)
Radislav Potyrailo, GE

Robust Optical Sensor Technology for Real-Time Monitoring of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with High Spatial Resolution (FE31175)
Peng Chen, University of Pittsburgh

High Entropy Alloy (HEA) Based SOFC Anonde for Controlled Reformation (SC17050)
Rabi Bhattacharya, UES, Inc.


  • Poster Presentations

Mapping Long-Term SOFC Performance versus Initial Microstructure with an Integrated Model and Machine Learning
William Epting, National Energy Technology Laboratory and Leidos 

Mitigating Performance Degradation and Preventing Delamination of LSM/YSZ Cell under Solid Oxide Electrolysis Operation by Infiltrating Sr-Fe-O Nanoparticles in the Air Electrode 
Yueying Fan, National Energy Technology Laboratory and Leidos

Reduced Order Models (ROMs) for SOFC Stack Performance Prediction
Jie Bao, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Modeling Interdiffusion Across Solid YSZ-LSM Interface
Jose Bohorquez, West Virginia University

Sequential Monte Carlo Bayesian Calibration of Thin Film Solid Oxide Fell Cells
Giuseppe Federico Brunello, National Energy Technology Laboratory and Leidos

Short Term Stability of (M,Mn or Fe)3O4 Spinel Layer for SOFC Stacks
Jung Pyung Choi, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Composite Cathode Contact Development. An Investigation of LSCo/AI2O3 (f) Composite
Yeong-Shyung (Matt) Chou, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Mitigation of Cr Poisoning: An Investigation of LSCo/LSCF Composite
Yeong-Shyung (Matt) Chou, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Progressive Damage in Planar SOFC Electrode Materials
Naveen Karri, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

SOFC Development at PNNL: Cathode Task
Brent Kirby, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Optimum Microstructure and Phase Composition of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrodes with Infiltrated Nanocatalysts
Shiwoo Lee, National Energy Technology Laboratory and Leidos

Optical Fiber-Based Real Time Chemical Sensor Development for SOFC Applications
Youngseok Jee, National Energy Technology Laboratory and Leidos

Density Functional Theory Modeling on the Effects of H2O for Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction on the Perovskite Surfaces and Hydrogen and Cation Diffusion in Bulk Tetragonal Zirconia for Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells
Yueh-Lin Lee, Leidos

A Phase Field Study on the Microstructure Evolution in SOFC Anode under Operating Condition: Comparison Between Ni(OH)2 Diffusion and Ni-YSZ Wettability Change
Yinkai Lei, National Energy Technology Laboratory and Leidos

Large Area Planar Cell Simulation Tool (DREAM SOFC-PC)
Jerry Hunter Mason, Leidos

Dramatic Improvement in Commercial LSM-YSZ Cathode Ohmic Resistance and Activity by YSZ Nanoparticles
Sixbert Picard Muhoza, Wake Forest University

Numerical Modeling for the Performance of Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Tao Yang, National Energy Technology Laboratory, and Leidos 

Highly-Active and Contaminant-Tolerant Cathodes for Durable Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Yucun Zhou, Yu Chen, Nicholas Kane and Meilin Liu, Georgia Institute of Technology

Recent Sealing Developments for Solid Oxide Fuel and Electrolysis Cells
Neil J. Kidner, Nexceris

Operating Stresses and their Effects on Degradation of LSM-Based SOFC Cathodes
Chenxin Deng, Madeleine McAllister, Mark R. De Guire, Case Western Reserve University