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Monday, October 5, 2020

Carbon Capture Program Overview
Dan Hancu, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Energy Efficient GO-PEEK Hybrid Membrane Process for Post-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture (FE0026383)
Shiguang Li, Gas Technology Institute

Electrochemically-Mediated Amine Regeneration in CO2 Scrubbing Processes (FE0026489)
T. Alan Hatton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rapid Design and Testing of Novel Gas-Liquid Contacting Devices for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Via 3D Printing: Modular Adaptive Packing (FE0031530)
Nathan Fine, ION Clean Energy, Inc

Flue Gas Aerosol Pretreatment Technologies to Minimize PCC Solvent Losses (FE0031592)
Devin Bostick and Krish Krishnamurthy, Linde, LLC

A Process with Decoupled Absorber Kinetics and Solvent Regeneration through Membrane Dewatering and In-Column Heat Transfer (FE0031604)
Kunlei Liu, University of Kentucky

Inexpensive and Sustainable Anti-Corrosion Coating for Power Generation Applications (FE0031659)
John Watkins, LumiShield Technologies, Inc.

Validation of Transformational CO2 Capture Solvent Technology with Revolutionary Stability (FE0031727)
Erik Meuleman, ION Clean Energy, Inc

Molecular Refinement of Transformational Solvents for CO2 Separations (FWP-72396)
David Heldebrant, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Demonstration and Validation of Additively Manufactured Intensified Device for Enhanced Carbon Capture (FWP-FEAA375)
Costas Tsouris, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

FLECCS Program
Scott Litzelman, ARPA-E

Advanced Structured Adsorbent Architectures for Transformative CO2 Capture Performance, (FE0031732)
Deborah Jelen and Joel Cizeron, Electricore

Amine-Appended Metal-Organic Frameworks as Switch-Like Adsorbents for Energy Efficient Carbon Capture (FWP-FP0006194)
Jeffrey Long, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

High Performance Thin Film Composite Membranes for Post-Combustion Carbon Capture
Lingxiang Zhu, National Energy Technology Laboratory

CCSI2 Overview
Benjamin Omell, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Machine Learning Approaches to Accelerate CFD Analyses
Dave Widemann and Brenda Ng, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Grigorios Panagakos, National Energy Technology Laboratory

MTR Pilot Support: Modeling Framework Capturing Non-Idealities in Membrane Module Performance
Glenn Lipscomb, University of Toledo

Sorbent Based Post-Combustion CO2 Slipstream Testing (FE0012870)
Jeannine Elliott, TDA Research Inc.

Pilot Testing of a Highly Effective Pre-Combustion Sorbent-Based Carbon Capture System (FE0013105)
Gokhan Alptekin, TDA Research, Inc.

Gap Analysis for Modular Scale Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture
Kathryn Smith, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Alkanolamines for Acid Gas Removal in Gasification Processes (FWP-725646)
Phillip Koech, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Engineering Scale Testing of Transformational Non-Aqueous Solvent- Based CO2 Capture Process at TCM (FE0031590)
Marty Lail, Research Triangle Institute

Scale-Up and Testing of Advanced Polaris Membrane CO2 Capture Technology (FE0031591)
Tim Merkel, Membrane Technology and Research

Membrane-Sorbent Hybrid System for Post Combustion Capture (FE0031603)
Gokhan Alptekin, TDA Research

Global Thermostat: Direct Air Capture Update
Miles Sakwa-Novak, Global Thermostat

Climeworks: Direct Air Capture Update
Christoph Beauttler, Climeworks

Government Panel on Direct Air Capture (DAC)

Update on Carbon Capture Techno-Economic Analysis at NETL
Tim Fout, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Life Cycle Analysis at NETL
Derrick Carlson, National Energy Technology Laboratory

FOA 2187 & FOA 2188 Selections
Lynn Brickett, U.S. Department of Energy