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Project Type: Methane Hydrates
Project Number Sort descending Project Name Project Type
98FT30602 Gas Storage in Basalt Methane Hydrates
DE-AC26-01NT41007 The Mallik 2002 Consortium: Drilling and Testing a Gas Hydrate Well Methane Hydrates
DE-AF26-01NT00370 High Resolution Processing of Seismic Data From GB 424 and 425 and MC 852 and 853, Gulf of Mexico Methane Hydrates
DE-AF26-01NT00394 Sampling and Monitoring of Hydrate Mounds in the Gulf of Mexico Methane Hydrates
DE-AI26-05NT42496 Conducting Scientific Studies of Natural Gas Hydrates to Support the Doe Efforts to Evaluate and Understand Methane Hydrates Methane Hydrates
DE-AI26-06NT42878 Gas Hydrate Research in Deep Sea Sediments - New Zealand Task Methane Hydrates
DE-AI26-06NT42878 Gas Hydrate Research in Deep Sea Sediments - Chatham Rise, New Zealand Task Methane Hydrates
DE-AI26-06NT42878 - ALAMINOS CANYON TASK Geochemical Evaluation of Deep Sediment Hydrate Deposits in Alaminos Canyon, Block 818, Texas-louisiana Shelf Methane Hydrates
DE-AI26-06NT42878 - BOTTOM SOURCE TASK Gas Hydrate Research in Deep Sea Sediments Methane Hydrates
DE-AI26-06NT42938 Gas Hydrates Research Database and Web Dissemination Channel Methane Hydrates
DE-AT26-97FT34342 Characterizing Arctic Hydrates (Canadian Test Well and Alaskan “Wells of Opportunity”) Methane Hydrates
DE-AT26-97FT34343 Gathering, Processing and Evaluating Seismic and Physical Data on Gas Hydrates in the Gulf of Mexico Methane Hydrates
DE-AT26-97FT34344 High-resolution Sidescan Sonar and Multibeam Bathymetric Data Collection and Processing, Atwater Canyon, Gulf of Mexico Methane Hydrates
DE-AT26-99FT40267 Mechanical Testing of Gas Hydrate/Sediment Samples Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-00FT40704 Improved Natural Gas Storage Well Remediation through Sonication Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-00NT40916 Fundamentals of Natural Gas and Species Flows From Hydrate Dissociation - Applications to Safety Problems Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-00NT40921 Three-dimensional Structure and Physical Properties of Methane Hydrate Deposit at Blake Ridge Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-00NT41024 Characterizing Marine Gas Hydrate Reservoirs Using 3-D Seismic Data Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-01NT41329 In-Situ Sampling and Characterization of Naturally Occurring Methane Hydrate Using the D/V JOIDES Resolution Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-01NT41330 Gulf of Mexico Gas Hydrates Joint Industry Project (JIP) Characterizing Natural Gas Hydrates in the Deep Water Gulf of Mexico - Applications for Safe Exploration and Production Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-01NT41331 Methane Hydrate Production From Alaskan Permafrost Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-01NT41332 Alaska North Slope Gas Hydrate Reservoir Characterization Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-02NT41327 Support of Gulf of Mexico Hydrate Research Consortium: Activities to Support Establishment of Sea Floor Monitoring Station Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-02NT41328 Support of Gulf of Mexico Hydrate Research Consortium: Activities to Support Establishment of Sea Floor Monitoring Station Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-05NT42663 Seismic-scale Rock Physics of Methane Hydrate Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-05NT42664 / ESD05-036 Geomechanical Performance of Hydrate-bearing Sediments in Offshore Environments Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-05NT42665 Gas Hydrate Instability in the Southeastern Bering Sea Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-06NT42666 Comparative Assessment of Advanced Gas Hydrate Production Methods Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-06NT42667 Combining Multicomponent Seismic Attributes, New Rock Physics Models, and in Situ Data to Estimate Gas-hydrate Concentrations in Deep-water, Near-seafloor Strata of the Gulf of Mexico Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-06NT42959 Electrical Resistivity Investigation of Gas Hydrate Distribution in Mississippi Canyon Block 118, Gulf of Mexico Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-06NT42960 Detection and Production of Methane Hydrate Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-06NT42961 Seismic Gas Hydrate Quantification by Cumulative Attributes (CATTS) Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-06NT42962 Phase 2- Drilling and Production Testing the Methane Hydrate Resource Potential Associated With the Barrow Gas Fields Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-06NT42962 Phase 1 - Characterization and Qualification of the Methane Hydrate Resource Potential Associated With the Barrow Gas Fields Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-06NT42963 Methane Recovery From Hydrate-bearing Sediments Methane Hydrates
DE-FC26-06NT43067 Mechanisms Leading to Co-existence of Gas and Hydrate in Ocean Sediments Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0003060 Global Assessment of Methane Gas Hydrates Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0009897 Hydrate-Bearing Clayey Sediments: Morphology, Physical Properties, Production and Engineering/Geological Implications Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0009904 Structural and Stratigraphic Controls on Methane Hydrate Occurrence and Distribution: Gulf of Mexico, Walker Ridge 313 and Green Canyon 955 Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0009904 Structural and Stratigraphic Controls on Methane Hydrate Occurrence and Distribution: Gulf of Mexico, Walker Ridge 313 and Green Canyon 955 Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0009927 Verification Of Capillary Pressure Functions And Relative Permeability Equations For Modeling Gas Production From Gas Hydrates Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0009949 A New Approach to Understanding the Occurrence and Volume of Natural Gas Hydrate in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Using Petroleum Industry Well Logs Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0009963 Measurement and Interpretation of Seismic Velocities and Attenuation in Hydrate-Bearing Sediments Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0010120 Reconstructing Paleo-SMT Positions on the Cascadia Margin Using Magnetic Susceptibility Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0010141 Temporal Characterization of Hydrates System Dynamics Beneath Seafloor Mounds Integrating Time-Lapse Electrical Resistivity Methods and In Situ Observations of Multiple Oceanographic Parameters Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0010144 Mapping Permafrost and Gas Hydrate using Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetic Methods (CSEM) Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0010160 Advanced Hydrate Reservoir Modeling Using Rock Physics Techniques Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0010175 Planning of a Marine Methane Hydrate Pressure Coring Program for the Walker Ridge and Green Canyon Areas of the Gulf of Mexico Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0010180/DE-FE0005806 Gas Hydrate Dynamics on the Alaskan Beaufort Continental Slope: Modeling and Field Characterization Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0010195 Development of a Scientific Plan for a Hydrate-Focused Marine Drilling, Logging and Coring Program Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0010406 Controls On Methane Expulsion During Melting Of Natural Gas Hydrate Systems Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0010496 Application of CrunchFlow Routines to Constrain Present and Past Carbon Fluxes at Gas-Hydrate Bearing Sites Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0013531 Assessing the Response of Methane Hydrates to Environmental Change at the Svalbard Continental Margin Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0013565 Hydrate Evolution in Response to Ongoing Environmental Shifts Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0013889 THCM Coupled Model for Hydrate-bearing Sediments: Data Analysis and Design of New Field Experiments (Marine and Permafrost Settings) Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0013961 Borehole Tool for the Comprehensive Characterization of Hydrate-bearing Sediments Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0013998 Characterizing the Response of the Cascadia Margin Gas Hydrate Reservoir to Bottom Water Warming Along the Upper Continental Slope Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0013999 Fate of Methane Emitted from Dissociating Marine Hydrates: Modeling, Laboratory, and Field Constraints Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0022898 Alaska Natural Gas Hydrate Production Testing: Test Site Selection, Characterization, and Testing Operations Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0025387 Support for Methane Hydrate Research on the Alaska North Slope Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0028895 Dynamic Behavior of Natural Seep Vents: Analysis of Field and Laboratory Observations and Modeling Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0028966 / DE-FE0026166 Impact of Clays on the Compressibility and Permeability of Sands During Methane Extraction from Gas Hydrate Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0028967 A Multi‐Scale Experimental Investigation of Flow Properties in Coarse‐ Grained Hydrate Reservoirs During Production Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0028972 Characterizing Baselines and Change in Gas Hydrate Systems using Electromagnetic (EM) Methods Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0028973/FWP-00003997 Advanced Simulation and Experiments of Strongly Couple Geomechanics and Flow for Gas Hydrate Deposits: Validation and Field Application Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0028980 Characterizing Ocean Acidification and Atmospheric Emission Caused by Methane Released from Gas Hydrate Systems along the US Atlantic Margin Methane Hydrates
DE-FE0031702 Quantification of Methane Emissions from Marginal (Small Producing) Oil and Gas Wells Methane Hydrates
DE-FE26-06NT42877, DE-FC26-02NT41628, and DE-FC26-00NT40920 Gulf of Mexico Gas Hydrates Sea-floor Observatory Project Methane Hydrates
DE-NT0005638 Remote Sensing and Sea-Truth Measurements of Methane Flux to the Atmosphere Methane Hydrates
DE-NT0005665 Source Characterization and Temporal Variation of Methane Seepage from Thermokarst Lakes on the Alaska North Slope in Response to Arctic climate change Methane Hydrates
DE-NT0005666 Characterization of Methane Degradation and Methane-degrading Microbes in Alaska Coastal Waters Methane Hydrates
DE-NT0005667 Assessing the Efficacy of the Aerobic Methanotropic Biofilter in Methane Hydrate Environments Methane Hydrates
DE-NT0005668 Gas Hydrate Characterization in the Gulf of Mexico Using Marine Em Methods Methane Hydrates
DE-NT0005669 Heat Flow and Gas Hydrates on the Continental Margin of India Methane Hydrates
DE-NT0006553 Gas Hydrate Production Trial Using CO2 / CH4 Exchange Methane Hydrates
DE-NT0006558 Integrating Natural Gas Hydrates in the Global Carbon Cycle Methane Hydrates
ESD05-048 Laboratory Studies in Support of Characterization of Recoverable Resources From Methane Hydrate Deposits Methane Hydrates
ESD12-010 Numerical Studies for the Characterization of Recoverable Resources from Methane Hydrate Deposits Methane Hydrates
ESD12-011 Properties of Hydrate-Bearing Sediments Subjected to Changing Gas Compositions Methane Hydrates
EST-380-NEDA Characterization and Decomposition Kinetic Studies of Methane Hydrate in Host Sediments Under Subsurface Mimic Conditions Methane Hydrates
FEAB105 Mesoscale Characterization of Natural and Synthetic Gas Hydrates Methane Hydrates
FEAB111 Hydrate Formation and Dissociation in Simulated and Field Samples Methane Hydrates
Field Work Proposals: ESD07-014 (LBNL) and 08FE-003 (LANL) Interrelation of Global Climate and the Response of Oceanic Hydrate Accumulations Methane Hydrates
FLU5A425/100400 Methanogenesis in Hydrate-bearing Sediments: Integration of Experimental and Theoretical Approaches Methane Hydrates
FWP-4340-60 AND FWP-42C1-01 Collection and Microbiological Analysis of Gas Hydrate Cores Methane Hydrates
FWP-45133 Characterization of Natural Hydrate Bearing Sediments and Hydrate Dissociation Kinetics Methane Hydrates
FWP-65213 Kinetic Parameters for the Exchange of Hydrate Formers Methane Hydrates
FWP-FP00003995 LBNL-KIGAM Collaboration in the Investigation of the Gas Production Potential of Hydrate Deposits in the Korean East Sea Methane Hydrates
netl-ord1 NETL-ORD - Methane Hydrate Research - Geoscience Evaluations and Field Studies Methane Hydrates
netl-ord4 NETL ORD – Methane Hydrate Research - Thermal Properties of Hydrate – Tool Development Methane Hydrates
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