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  • Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Advanced Sensors and Controls for FE Power Generation

Advanced Sensors and Controls FWP
Ben Chorpening; Dustin McIntyre; Michael Buric; Dave Tucker,

Advanced Tool for Cyber Physical Systems and Digital Twins
Paolo Pezzini, Ames National Laboratory

Artificial Intelligence for Improved Plant Operation and Performance

Generation Plant Cost of Operations and Cycling Optimization Model
Anantha Narayanan, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA)

Hybrid Analytics Solution to Improve Coal Power Plant Operations
Randall Lee Bickford, Expert Microsystems, Inc.

Deep Analysis Net with Casual Embedding for Coal Fired Power Plant Fault Detection and Diagnosis
Dr. Feng Xue, General Electric (GE) Company

Boiler Health Monitoring Using a Hybrid First Principles-Artificial Intelligence Model
Debangsu Bhattacharyya, West Virginia University Research Corporation

Monitoring and Diagnostics for Gas Turbine Application

Novel Temperature Sensors and Wireless Telemetry for Active Condition Monitoring of Advanced Gas Turbines
Anand Kulkarni, Siemens Corporation

Embedded Multiplexed Fiber-Optic Sensing for Turbine Control and PHM
William Price, Intelligent Fiber Optic Systems Corporation

In-Situ Optical Monitoring of Operating Gas Turbine Blade Coatings Under Extreme Environments
Quentin Fouliard, University of Central Florida

Embedded Sensor Technology

Additive Manufacturing of Circumferentially Embedded Optical Sensor Modules for In-Situ Monitoring of Coal-Fueled Steam Turbines
Hai Xiao, Clemson University

Embedded Sensors Integrated into Critical Components for In-Situ Health Monitoring of Steam Turbines
Anand Kulkarni, Siemens Corporation

Advanced Manufacturing of Ceramic Anchors with Embedded Sensors for Process and Health Monitoring of Coal Boilers
Ed Sabolsky, West Virginia University


  • Thursday, August 27, 2020


Cyber Security Risk Reduction Framework for Generation I&C Technology
Jeremy Lawrence, Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.

Operational Technology Behavioral Analytics
Patrick Crossley, Southern Company Services, Inc.

Cyber Secure Sensor Network for Fossil Fuel Power Generation Assets Monitoring
Dr. Benjamin Justus, Siemens Corporation

Physical Domain Approaches to Reduce Cybersecurity Risks Associated with Control Systems
Daniel Holzhauer, General Electric (GE) Corporation

Metaphortress: A Situational Awareness Platform
Scott Brunza, Sonalysts, Inc.

Blockchain Empowered Provenance Framework for Sensor Identity Management and Data Flow Security in Fossil-Based Power Plants
Sachin Shetty, Eranga Herath, and Roland New, Old Dominion University; Deepak Tosh and Abel Gomez, University of Texas at El Paso

A Novel Access Control Blockchain Paradigm to Realize a Cybersecure Sensor Infrastructure in Fossil Power Generation Systems
Rahul Panat, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

Incorporating Blockchain/P2p Technology into an Sdn-Enabled Cybersecurity System to Safeguard Fossil Fuel Power Generation Systems
Jun Liu, University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center (UNDEERC)

Secure Data Logging and Processing with Blockchain and Machine Learning
Dr. Leonel Lagos, Florida International University

Robotics for Non-Destructive Evaluation and Repair

Development of a Pipe Crawler Inspection Tool for Fossil Energy Power Plants
Dwayne McDaniel, Florida International University

A Robotics Enabled Eddy Current Testing System for Autonomous Inspection of Heat Exchanger Tubes
Jian Lin, University of Missouri

A Lizard-Inspired Tube Inspector (LTI) Robot
Ehsan Dehghan-Niri, New Mexico State University

AI Enabled Robots for Automated Nondestructive Evaluation and Repair of Power Plant Boilers
Hao Zhang, Colorado School of Mines

Autonomous Aerial Power Plant Inspection in GPS-Denied Environments
Angel Flores, Abad, University of Texas at El Paso

Coal Fly Ash Speciation Analysis

Characterization of Arsenic and Selenium in Coal Fly Ash to Improve Evaluations for Disposal and Reuse Potential
Heileen Hsu-Kim, Duke University

Elucidating Arsenic and Selenium Speciation in Coal Fly Ashes
Yuanzhi Tang, Georgia Tech Research Corporation


  • These Projects did not participate in the virtual meeting but are part of the program portfolio

Passive Wireless Sensors Fabricated by Direct‐ Writing for Temperature and Health Monitoring of Energy Systems in Harsh‐Environments
Ed Sabolsky, West Virginia University