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23rd Annual Conference on Fossil Energy Materials


23rd Annual Conference on Fossil Energy Materials 
May 12-14, 2009

Table of Contents


  • Introduction and Opening Remarks 
    Robert Romanosky, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Session 1 - Advanced Alloys & Concepts

  • Computational Design and Experimental Verification of Refractory Metal-Based Alloys
    Omer Dogan, National Energy Technology Laboratory
  • Materials and Component Development for Advanced Turbine Systems – ODS Alloy Development
    Bruce Kang, West Virginia University
  • Improving the Performance of Creep Strength-Enhanced Ferritic Steels
    Mike Santella, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Development of Alumina-Forming Austenitic Stainless Steels
    Yukinori Yamamoto, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Advanced Processing of Metallic Powders for Fossil Energy Applications
    Iver Anderson, Ames Laboratory
  • Computational and Experimental Development of Novel High Temperature Alloys
    Matthew Kramer, Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University
  • Improving the Weldability of Fe-Cr-Al Alloys Through TiC Additions
    John Dupont, Lehigh University

Session 2 - Corrosion & Protection of Materials

  • Development of Fireside Corrosion Models for Advanced Combustion Systems
    Steven Kung, The Babcock & Wilcox PGG
  • Development of NDE Methods for Ceramic Coatings and Membranes
    Jiangang Sun, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Computational Modeling and Assessment of Nanocoatings for USC Boilers
    David Gandy, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
  • Performance of Al-Rich Oxidation Resistant Coatings for Fe-Base Alloys
    Bruce Pint, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Oxidation in Environments with Elevated CO2 Levels
    Gordon Holcomb, National Energy Technology Laboratory
  • Microstructure, Processing, Performance Relationships for High Temperature Coatings
    Thomas Lillo, Idaho National Laboratory

Session 3A - Corrosion & Protection of Materials (Continued)

  • Performance of Structural Alloys in CO2 and CO2-Steam Environments
    Ken Natesan, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Development and Evaluation of Nanostructured Coatings for Coal-Fired Environments
    Madhavrao Govindaraju, SAI Global Technologies, Inc.

Session 3B - Functional Materials

  • Joining Technologies for Coal Power Applications
    Scott Weil, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Improved Temperature Sensing in Slagging Gasifiers
    James Bennett, National Energy Technology Laboratory
  • Cast Versions of Wrought Alloys: Candidates for Steam Turbine Casings
    Paul D. Jablonski, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Session 4 - US-UK MOU Materials Program Phase 1

  • Overview of the US-UK Collaboration on Fossil Energy Materials
    John Oakey, Cranfield University
  • Overview of the US-UK Collaboration on Fossil Energy Materials: Steam Oxidation
    Ian Wright, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • US-UK Boiler Corrosion/Corrosion Monitoring
    Barry McGhee, Doosan Babcock Energy Limited
  • Gas Turbines Fired on Syngas and Other Fuel Gases
    Anand Kulkarni, Siemens Energy, Inc.
  • ODS Alloy Development: US-UK Phase-1 Report
    Bimal Kad, University of California, San Diego
    Gordon Tatlock, University of Liverpool
  • Standarisation in High-Temperature Corrosion Testing
    Tony Fry, National Physical Laboratory
  • Closing Remarks
    Robert Romanosky, National Energy Technology Laboratory

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