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2022 Carbon Management Project Review Meeting - Posters

  • Carbon Dioxide Removal

Novel, Efficient Contactor Technology to Substantially Lower the Cost of Direct Air Capture of CO2 (SC0020860)
Mansour Masoudi, Emissol, LLC

Process Modeling and Optimization of DAC Systems and Novel Sorbent Materials
Daison Manuel Yancy Caballero, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Optimized Techno-Economics for Future DAC Plants
Mansour Masoudi, Emissol, LLC

Computational Screening & Design of Alkylamine-Functionalized Polymer Sorbents
Surya Prakash Tiwari

  • Carbon Transport & Storage

Mineralization and Metamaterial Contrast Agent Monitoring in Geologic Carbon Storage Reservoirs
Jade Holliman, Pacific Northwesst National Laboratory

Class II to Class VI Transition: Opportunities, Risks, and Benefits (NRAP)
J. William Carey, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Convolutional Long Short-Term Memory (convLSTM) for Spatio-Temporal Forecastings of Saturations and Pressure in the SACROC Field (SMART)
Brian McPherson, University of Utah

The Energy Data Exchange - DOE Fossil Energy Carbon Management's (FECM) Trusted Data Curation Platform (EDX)
Chad Rowan, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Digital Core Characterization
Dustin Crandall

Adaptive, Risk-Based Monitoring Design for Risk Management (NRAP)
Erika Gasperikova, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Strategies for Machine Learning-Based Segmentation of Geologic Computed Tomography (SMART)
Paul Holcomb, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Feasibility of FDEM monitoring at the Kemper CarbonSAFE site
Rick Hammack, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Derisk Basalt Reservoir via Regional Geologic Modeling and Simulation
Ruoshi Cao, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Economic Analysis of Potential for Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage in the Gulf of Mexico (FWP-1022464)
Tim Grant, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Lithofacies, Stratigraphy, and Reservoir Characteristics of the Galesville and Ironton Sandstones in OEE No. 1 and the Surrounding areas, North-central Illinois
Zohreh Askari, Illinois State Geological Survey, University of Illinois

Leveraging CCS Research, Datasets, and Legacy Seismic to Support CCS Applications in the Midwest Regional Carbon Initiative (FE0031836)
Joel Sminchak, Battelle


  • Point Source Carbon Capture

Cost Analysis of Carbon Capture from Cement Plants
Eric Grol, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Quantification of Ancillary Environmental Benefits of Transformational Water-lean Solvent Technology
Hunaid Nulwala, Liquid Ion Solutions LLC

Techno-Economic Analysis for MOF-based CO2 Capture from NGCC Applications
Ryan Hughes, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Techno-Economic Analysis and Optimization of Integrated NGCC-MEA System at High CO2 Capture Levels
Anuja Deshpande, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Development of Acoustic Driven Packing Material (FE0026825-06-05)
Bradley Irvin, University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research

Framework for Optimization, Quantification of Uncertainty, and Surrogates - Updated Capabilities
Daison Manuel Yancy Caballero, National Energy Technology Laboratory