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  • May 4, 2021

Welcome Remarks & Gasification Systems Portfolio Overview
Dave Lyons, NETL

Advanced Oxygen Separation from Air Using a Novel Mixed Matrix Membrane (FWP-B000-18-061)
Frederick Stewart, Idaho National Laboratory

Radically Engineered Modular Air Separation System Using Tailored Oxygen Sorbents (FE0031521)
Fanxing Li, North Carolina State University

Pilot Testing of a Modular Oxygen Production System Using Oxygen Binding Adsorbents (FE0031527)
John Carpenter, Research Triangle Institute (RTI)

Modularization of Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membrane Technology for Air Separation (FE0031473)
Chris Xue, University of South Carolina

Pressure Driven Oxygen Separation (FWP-73130)
David Reed, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

High Selectivity and High Throughput Carbon Molecular Sieve Hollow Fiber Membrane based Modular Air Separation Unit for Producing High Purity O2 (FWP-FE-1049-18-FY19)
Rajinder Singh, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Oxygen Production for Gasification (FWP-1022405-Task5)
Jonathan Lekse, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Magnetocaloric Cryogenic System for High Efficiency Air Separations. (FWP-73143)
John Barclay, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Experimental Validation of Coal Gasification with Neutron Imaging (FWP-FEAB325)
James Parks II, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Advanced Gasifier Design (FWP-1022405-Task3)
William Rogers, National Energy Technology Laboratory

  • May 5, 2021

Making Coal Relevant for Small Scale Applications: Modular Gasification for Syngas/Engine CHP Applications in Challenging Environments (FE0031601)
Brent Sheets, University of Alaska – Fairbanks

Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Technologies for Gasification (FWP-1022405-Task4)
Jinichiro Nakano & Omer Dogan, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Small-Scale Engineered High Flexibility Gasifier (FE0031531)
Mikhail Granovskiy, Southern Research Institute

Staged Opposed Multi Burner (OMB) for Modular Gasifier/Burner (FE0031506)
Rodney Andrews, University of Kentucky Research Foundation

Conversion of Coal Wastes and Municipal Solids Mixtures by Pyrolysis Torrefaction and Entrained Flow Gasification (SC0018580)
Nicholas Schwartz, Mainstream Engineering Corporation

Microwave Reactions for Gasification (FWP-1022405-Task6)
Mark Smith, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Integrated Water-Gas-Shift (WGS) / Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture Process (FE0023684)
Gokhan Alptekin, TDA Research, Inc.

Comparison of Commercial, State-of-the-Art, Fossil-based, Hydrogen Production Technologies (FWP-1022405-Task13)
Bob Stevens, National Energy Technology Laboratory