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2024 NETL Resource Sustainability Project Review Meeting - POSTERS

Critical Minerals and Materials

Non-Destructive Core Characterization (FWP-1022420)
Dustin Crandall, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Resource Assessment of Unconventional Oil & Gas Shale for Critical Minerals Recovery (FWP-23-025668)
Guangping Xu, Sandia National Laboratories

Machine Learning Screening Tool for Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals (LANL-AE-1263-1711)
Brent Goehring, Los Alamos National Laboratory

REE - MAP: Rare Earth Element - Multiphysics AI-aided Prospecting (FP00016201)
Yuxin Wu, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Characterization & Extraction of Critical Materials from Energy Production Waste Streams (FWP-100950)
Adam Jew, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Critical Minerals Measurement by LIBS (FWP-1022420 Task 15)
Chet Raj Bhatt, Leidos Research Support Team

Drone-Based Geophysical Surveying and Real-Time AI/ML Analysis for Sustainable Production of Critical Minerals (FWP-81034)
Frederick Day-Lewis, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Unconventional Critical Mineral Resource Analysis and Technical Assistance to Mingo and Logan Counties, WV (FWP-1022420)
Sophia O'Barr, Leidos Research Support Team

Deploying a New AI Software Tool for Rapid Characterization & Quantification of Unconventional Sources of Critical Minerals(TC-23NT020203)
C. Gabe Creason, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Critical Mineral Potential In Mineral Carbonation Feedstocks (FWP-1022420)
Jon Yang, Leidos

Environmentally Prudent Stewardship

Kick Signatures Through Advanced Multi-Phase Data (FWP-1025020-12)
Foad Haeri, Leidos

Environmentally Prudent Stewardship - Infrastructure and Metocean Technology (FWP-1025020)
Jennifer Bauer, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Hydrogen Storage in Salt Carvens in the Permian Basin: Seal Integrity Evaluation (DE-FE0032349)
David N. Espinoza, The University of Texas at Austin

Deployment of NETL-PSU Mineral Scale Model for High-temperature, High-pressure Systems (DE-FE-FE1610260)
Isaac Gamwo, National Enery Technology Laboratory

The Role of Iron in Oxidant-Initiated Halogenation Reactions of Hydraulic Fracturing Additives (FWP-1022415)
Lauren Burrows, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Methane Mitigation Technologies

Project AIMNet: A Showcase of An Integrated Methane Sensing Network in Anadarko Basin (FE0032285)
Binbin Weng, University of Oklahoma

Reducing Methane Emissions with an Engine Fuel Reformer (FE0032301)
Josh Mangum, Southwest Research Institute

Regional Methane Emissions Study in the San Joaquin Valley (CA) and Denver (DE-FE0032305)
Abhilash Vijayan, Sonoma Technology

Integrated System for Methane Emissions Monitoring, Mapping, and Quantification (FE0032302)
Julio D Lobo Neto, ABB

Storage Tank Emissions Assessments In The Marcellus (STEAM) To Acquire New Knowledge With Science (TANKS) (DE-FE0032299)
Derek Johnson & Chris Ulishney, West Virginia University

Detailed Measurement Informed Methane Emission Inventory of the Haynesville Shale Basin (DE-FE0032298)
Christopher Moore, GTI Energy

Integrated Methane Monitoring Platform Extension (DE-FE0032284)
Lauren Crowe, Erin Jedlikowski & Adam Silva, Piedmont National Gas

Oxiperator - The Solution for Weak Methane (DE-FE0032286)
Joao Robinson Huang, Prabhu Energy Labs

Storage Tank Emissions Assessment and Quantification (FE0032287)
Sriajan Rai, GTI Energy

SABER: Site-Air-Basin Emissions Reconciliation (FE0032288)
Anna Hodshire, Colorado State University

Polar BearTM - Innovative Capture of Storage Tank Vapors (FE0032290)
Darren Schmidt, Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota

Surface-Based Methane Monitoring and Measurement Network Pilot Demonstration: Project Astra Phase II (FE0032291)
Vincent M. Torres, The University of Texas at Austin

A Multi-Scale Methane Monitoring System for Enhancing Emission Detection, Quantification and Prediction (FE0032292)
Chenghao Wang, University of Oklahoma

Integrated Multiscale Methane Monitoring Platform (FE0032293)
Srijana Rai, GTI Energy

Intelligent, Universal, Low-Cost Emissions Reduction Retrofit Kit for Industrial Engines (FE0032294)
Pejman Kazempoor, University of Oklahoma

Electrochemical Membrane Reactors for Mitigating Methane Emissions from Natural Gas-Fired Lean-Burn Engines (NG-FLBEs) (FE0032300)
Chuancheng Duan, Kansas State University

Developing Methane Emissions Inventories by Fusing Airborne, Satellite, and Modeled Assessments: Comprehensive Surveys of the Anadarko and Haynesville Basins (FE0032310)
Evan David Sherwin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Multi-Scale Measurement and Reconciliation of Methane Emissions in the Marcellus Shale Basin (FE0032311)
Shannon Stokes, The University of Texas at Austin

Methane Abatement in the Midstream Natural Gas Sector: Barriers and Solutions to Technology Commercialization (FWP-1022424.4)
Ameya Sampath, Deloitte

Life Cycle Analysis of Natural Gas Extraction and Power Generation: U.S. 2020 Emissions Profile (FWP-1022424.6)
Matt Jamieson and Harshvardhan Khutal, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Emissions Mitigation in Industrial Gas Flares (FWP-1022424.8)
Clint Bedick, National Energy Technology Laboratory

On-board Reformer for Methane Abatement from Gas Engines (FWP-39966.1)
Sreenath Gupta, Argonne National Laboratory

Natural Gas Decarbonization & Hydrogen Technologies

Developing & Investigating Subsurface Storage Potential and Technical Challenges for Hydrogen (DE-FE0032351)
Michael C. Bradford, GTI Energy

Full Scale Natural Gas Compressor Loop Testing with Blending Hydrogen (DE-FE0032344)
Sarah Simons, Southwest Research Institute

Understanding Caprock Behavior during Underground Hydrogen Storage in Depleted Gas Fields (FE0032327)
Rohit Pandey, Virginia Tech

HALO: Hydrogen-Recovery using an AI-Arc-Plasma Learning Operational System for Produced Water (FE0032329)
Ganesh Arumugam, Oceanit

SCWDO-SMR: Making H2 from Produced Water (FE0032337)
Charles Nye, University of Wyoming

Direct Solar Self-Catalyzing Pyrolysis of Natural Gas to Hydrogen and High-Quality Graphite (FE0032354)
Benjamin Heronimus, University of California - Los Angeles

Williston Basin Resource Study for Commercial-Scale Subsurface Hydrogen Storage (FE0032358)
Chantsalmaa Dalkhaa, Energy & Environmental Research Center University of North Dakota

Systems Analysis Perspectives of Methane Pyrolysis, Fossil-Based Ammonia Production, and H2 and H2/NG Transport (FWP-1022467 (5, 7, 8))
Alana Sheriff, Key Logic

Thermo-Catalytic Co-Production of Hydrogen and High-Value Carbon Products from Natural Gas Using Structured Materials (FE0032359)
Vasudev P. Haribal, Susteon, Inc.

Interactive Demos

EDX ClaiMM: The Energy Data eXchange Critical Minerals & Materials Platform (FWP-1022420)
Devin Justman, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Energy Data Exchange (EDX)
Kevin Kuhn, National Energy Technology Laboratory

RokBase (FWP-1025007)
Dustin Crandall and Tom Paronish, National Energy Technology Laboratory

NEWTS Database and Dashboard Demo (FWP-1022428)
Nicholas Siefert and Rachel Yesenchak, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Advanced Infrastructure Integrity Model (AIIM)
Lucy Romeo, National Energy Technology Laboratory

PARETO – DOE’s Produced Water Optimization Framework
Elmira Shamlou, Key Logic

Unconventional Rare-Earth and Critical Mineral (URC) Assessment Method
C. Gabriel Creason, National Energy Technology Laboratory

DOE: Energy Justice, Equity, Societal Considerations and Impacts, and Workforce Development
Emily Brooks, Natenna Dobson, and Caleb Woodall, U.S. Department of Energy, FECM

Critical Minerals and Materials Matchmaker (CM3)
Jennifer Bauer and Neyda Maymi, National Energy Technology Laboratory