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Proceedings – Transformative Power Generation Program Project Review Meeting

  • May 11, 2021

Welcome & Overview of NETL Supported Topics in Advanced Combustion
Dave Lyons, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Advanced Combustion

Advanced Cost-Effective Coal-Fired Rotating Detonation Combustor for High Efficiency Power Generation (FE0031545)
Kareem Ahmed, University of Central Florida

Particle Separator for Improved Flameless Pressurized Oxy-Combustion (FE0031549)
Joshua Schmitt, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)

Characterizing Impacts of Dry Coal Feeding in High Pressure Oxy-Coal Combustion Systems (FE0029162)
Andrew Chiodo, Reaction Engineering International

Development of Enabling Technologies for a Pressurized Dry Feed Oxy-Coal Reactor (FE0029157)
Andrew Fry, Brigham Young University

Low-Cost and Recyclable Oxygen Carrier and Novel Process for Chemical Looping Combustion (FE0031534)
Junior Nasah, University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center (UNDEERC)

Direct Combustion of Fine Coal from Coal Waste (SC0018502)
Fei Yi, TDA Research, Inc.

Combustion Modeling for Direct Fired Supercritical CO2 Power Cycles (SC0017235)
William Calhoon, Combustion Research and Flow Technology, Inc.

Development and Commercialization of IDAES-Based Performance Monitoring and Optimization System (SC0020794)
Rodney Gay, MapEx Software, Inc.

Energy Storage    

Flexible Coal Power Plant Operation with Thermal Energy Storage Utilizing Thermosiphons and Cementitious Materials (FE0031755)
Sudhakar Neti, Lehigh University

Concrete Thermal Energy Storage Enabling Flexible Operation Without Coal Plant Cycling (FE0031761)
Scott Hume, Electric Power Research Institute

Hybrid Gas Coal Combustion System with Energy Storage (SC0020863)
Srivats Srinivasachar, Envergex, LLC

Mathematical Models of Energy Storage Technologies Used with Coal FIRST Power Generators (SC0020852)
Anoop Mathur, Terrafore Technologies, LLC


  • May 12, 2021

Improvements for Existing Plants - Existing Plants Systems

Extended Low Load Boiler Operation to Improve Performance and Economics of an Existing Coal Fired Power Plant (FE0031546)
Allan Ferry, GE Steam Power, Inc.

Integrated Boiler Management through Advanced Condition Monitoring and Component Assessment (FE0031683)
Kent Coleman, Electric Power Research Institute

Energy Technology Systems and Market Analyses (FWP-1022461 - Task 2)
John Brewer, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Plasma Ignition and Combustion Stabilization Technology to Improve Flexible Operation, Reliability and Economics of an Existing Coal Fired Boiler (FE0031766)
Dennis Barlow, GE Steam Power, Inc.

Transient Efficiency Flexibility and Reliability Optimization of Coal Fired Power Plants (FE0031767)
Mustafa Dokucu, General Electric (GE) Company

Improvements for Existing Plants – Condensers    

Advanced Anti-Fouling Coatings to Improve Coal-Fired Condenser Efficiency (FE0031533)
Ken Cheung, Oceanit Laboratories, Inc.

Investigation of Technologies to Improve Condenser Heat Transfer and Performance in a Relevant Coal-Fired Power Plant (FE0031762)
Andy Howell, Electric Power Research Institute

Anti-Biofouling Surface Treatments for Improved Condenser Performance for Coal-Based Power Plants (FE0031764)
Mustapha Soukri, Research Triangle Institute (RTI)

Improvements for Existing Plants - Ash Deposition    

Ash Fouling Free Regenerative Air Preheater for Deep Cyclic Operation (FE0031757)
Kunlei Liu, University of Kentucky

Mitigation of Aerosol Impacts on Ash Deposition and Emissions from Coal Combustion (FE0031756)
Nicole Nguyen, Barr Engineering