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Thermal-Mechanical-Chemical Energy Storage Technology Overview and Research Activities
Timothy C. Allison

Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)
Robert Bailie

Materials for Hydrogen Compression
Derrick Bauer

Malta Pumped Heat Energy Storage
Ben Bollinger

Heat Exchangers for Thermal Energy Storage: Challenges and Mitigation
Tony Bowdery & Renaud Le Pierres

Powering the Carbon-Free Electric Future
Richard Brody

3rd Thermal-Mechanical Chemical Energy Storage Workshop
Klaus Brun

Hybrid-energy Technology Enabled by Heat Storage and Oxy-combustion for Power and Industrial-heat Applications with Near-zero or Negative CO2 Emissions
Thomas A. Buscheck

Liquid Air Combined Cycle Hybrid Energy Storage
William Conlon

Electro-Thermal Energy Storage
Christopher Fraughton

The Role of Energy Storage in Helping California Meet the State's Future Zero Carbon Energy Goals
Mike Gravely

CO2-Based Pumped-Thermal Energy Storage Technical Overview & Status
Tim Held

High-Temperature Thermal Storage in Moving and Fixed Particle Beds
Clifford K. Ho

Mid-Duration Energy Storage (MDES) Benefits and Challenges
Scott Hume

Revterra Company Overview
Ben Jawdat

Energy Storage Evolution in California
Natasha Keefer

Hydrogen Pipelines & Storage
Rainer Kurz

Variable Blading in Closed-Cycle Brayton Energy Storage
R. B. Laughlin

Storworks Power
Mike Matson

Oxygen Storage Incorporated into the Allam OxyFuel Power Cycle
Jeffery Moore

Development of sCO2 Turbomachinery and its Application to Energy Storage
Jeffery Moore

The Office of Electricity Grid Modernization R&D Portfolio
Michael Pesin

Liquid Air Combined Cycle (LACC) for Power and Storage
Aaron Rimpel

Development of an Advanced Hydrogen Energy Storage System Using Aerogel in a Cryogenic Flux Capacitor (CFC)
Joshua Schmitt

Integration of Pumped Heat Energy Storage with a Fossil-Fired Power Plant
Natalie Smith

Replacing Fire with Renewable Heat
Daniel Stack

LCRI Update
Joe Stekli

Reversible Counter-Rotating Turbomachine to Enable Brayton-Laughlin Cycle
Shaun Sullivan

Advanced Rail Energy Storage (ARES) - Market Needs & Technology Overview
Russ Weed

Bernhard Winkelmann