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  • Thursday, September 3, 2020

Water Program Overview/Update
Briggs White, NETL

Energy-Water Analysis Discussion

AWARE-US & Cumulative Benefits
Erik Shuster and Tim Skone, NETL

Water Atlas Extension
Vincent Tidwell, Sandia National Laboratory

IECM Cooling Retrofits
Ed Rubin, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

Trace Element Sampling and Partitioning Modeling to Estimate Wastewater Composition and Treatment Efficacy at Coal Generators. NAWI
Meagan Mauter, Stanford University

Coal-Fired Power Plant Configuration and Operation Impact on Plant Effluent Contaminants and Conditions
Zheng Yao, Lehigh University


  • Thursday, September 17, 2020

Demonstration of Holistic, Lower Cost/Energy Effluent Water Management Approaches for Coal-Fired Energy Plant
Jeffrey Preece, EPRI

Wastewater Panel Discussion

BEST Demonstration Test Site
John Hamling, UND EERC

Overview of NETL Energy-Water Experimental R&D and NETL Pilot-Testing of Concentrating Effluent Streams
Nicholas Siefert, NETL

Energy Efficient Waste Heat Coupled Forward Osmosis for Effluent Water Management at Coal-Fired Power Plants
Nandakishore Rajagopalan, University of Illinois

Co-Generation Wastewater Treatment at Coal Fired Energy Plants
Scott Trybula, GTI

Development of a High Efficient Membrane-Based Wastewater Management System for Thermal Power Plants
Indira Jayaweera, SRI

Flue Gas Desulfurization Effluent Management Using an Innovative Low-Energy Biosoprtion Treatment System to Remove Key Contaminants
Joon Min, ES Engineering Services, LLC


  • Thursday, October 1, 2020

NETL Guidelines for TEAs and Plant-level Analyses
Eric Grol, NETL

Condenser Panel Discussion

A Novel Steam Condenser with Loop Thermosyphons and Film-Forming Agents for Improved Heat Transfer Efficiency and Durability
Richard Bonner, Advanced Cooling

Capillary-Driven Condensation for Heat Transfer Enhancement in Steam Power Plants
Evelyn Wang, MIT

Enhancing Steam-Side Heat Transfer via Microdroplet Ejection Using Inorganic Coatings
Lance Brockway, Nelumbo

Application of Heat Transfer Enhancement System for Improved Efficiency of Power Plant Condensers
Noah Snyder, Interphase

Novel Patterned Surfaces for Improved Condenser Performance in Power Plants
Ranga Pitchumani, Virginia Tech