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Thermal-Mechanical-Chemical Energy Storage Workshop - PROCEEDINGS

  • Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Welcome to the TMCES Workshop
Klaus Brun, Elliott Group
Tim Allison, SwRI

DOE: Demonstration and Commercialization of Innovative Energy Storage Technologies
Gretchen Kittel, DOE Keynote Speaker

Southwestern Utility Perspective on Bulk Energy Storage
Jerald “Chico” Hunter, SRP

Small-scale PHES Demonstration: Solving System Integration and Operation Challenges
Natalie Smith, SwRI

Short Presentations/Technology Updates

Qualification and Testing of High Strength Materials for Hydrogen Compression
Derrick Bauer, Elliott Group

Heat Exchangers for Energy Storage: A Systemic Approach
Renaud Le Pierres, Heatric

Compression Applications in the Use of Hydrogen for Carbon Reduction
Rainer Kurz, Solar Turbines

DOE Panel Session (Lead: Joe Stekli, EPRI)
Mani Gavvalapalli
Eric Miller
Samuel Bockenhauer
Avi Shultz

Deep Decarbonization with Zero-emissions Power and Industrial Heat up to 1500˚C
Justin Briggs, Antora

Updates on Hydrogen as a Means for Long Duration Energy Storage for the Power Industry
Peter Luessen, MHI


  • Thursday, August 4, 2022

Welcome Day 2, Recap Day 1/Breakout Session Guidance
Tim Allison, SwRI

Repowering Coal Plants as Pumped Thermal Energy Storage
Benjamin Bollinger, Malta

Thermal Batteries: Concept and R&D Progress
Asegun Henry, MIT

Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage’s (A-CAES’s) Unique Long Duration Energy Storage Value Proposition
Curtis VanWalleghem, Hydrostor

Long-Duration Energy Storage Council – Global TMCES Collaboration
Michael Geyer, LDES-C

Panel Session – Creating Projects that Take T-M-C Storage to the Next Step in Commercialization (Lead: Tim Allison, SwRI)
John Marra – Siemens Energy
Marcus Martin – Martin Energy Group
Diane Fischer – Kiewit
Klaus Brun – Elliott Group
Joshua Schmitt – SwRI

Industrial Heat Pumps – Flexible Infrastructure for an Electrified Future
Christopher Fraughton, MAN Energy Solutions USA

Energy Storage Opportunities in New York State
William Acker, NY-BEST