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ODS 2010 Materials Workshop

ODS 2010 Materials Workshop
November 17-18, 2010

Table of Contents


Welcoming Remarks
Fred Glaser, DOE - Office of Fossil Energy

End User Perspectives

Material Vendor Perspective

Corrosion Properties & Oxidation Lifetimes

Materials Fabrication Perspective: Non Fusion Joining

NE Application Perspective

Fabrication, Microstructure Preservation & Mechanical Properties

Future Challenges, Potential Development & Insertion Opportunities

  • Remarks: Future Challenges, R&D Support
    Patricia Rawls, DOE – NETL
  • Collaborative Pathways Forward
    Pete Tortorelli, ORNL
  • Perspectives for ODS Alloy Prototype Development (Discussion)
  • Perspectives for ODS Alloy Insertion Opportunities (Discussion)
  • Database Issues, R&D Gaps, Industry Needs (Open Mike)

NETL Conference Services Information 
National Energy Technology Laboratory 
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