Development of an Energy Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Solvent for the Capture of CO2
Project No.: DE-FE0007716

The Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group (B&W) is characterizing and optimizing the formulation of a novel solvent as a critical enabler for economic, energy efficient and environmentally-friendly capture of CO2 at coal-fired utility plants. The work will be performed on a solvent that has been identified through a 5-year solvent development program conducted at B&W. The solvent of interest comprises concentrated solutions of a cyclic diamine, piperazine (PZ). Recent testing at B&W indicates that blends of concentrated PZ with other organic compounds perform substantially better than PZ itself. The objective of the proposed work is to lower the total cost of solvent based CO2 capture systems by identifying blends that will improve overall solvent and system performance. Some of the improvement goals include:

  • improved system operability and reliability
  • minimizing environmental impacts
  • reducing corrosion potential in the system
  • maximizing solvent durability.
B&W 7 Ton/Day Pilot Facility
B&W 7 Ton/Day Pilot Facility

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