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Carbon Capture Publications

DOE/NETL Capture Program R&D: Compendium of Carbon Capture Technology
May 2020

The National Energy Technology Laboratory’s (NETL)’s Carbon Capture R&D program has released its 2020 Compendium of Carbon Capture Technology. The Compendium of Carbon Capture Technology provides a technical summary of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)/NETL’s Carbon Capture Program, assembling carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technology research and development (R&D) descriptions in a single document. The R&D efforts include the development of advanced solvents, sorbents, membranes, and novel concepts for both post- and pre-combustion CO2 capture, along with R&D collaborations. 

Market Pull Commercialization for Industrial Uses of Carbon Capture Technologies Sponsored by the National Energy Technology Laboratory
April 2018

Supporting the introduction of a technology into commercial use can greatly accelerate learning-by-doing, driving down costs and reducing operational risk for future commercial applications.

Success Story: National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC)
October 2016

Internationally recognized for excellence, the NCCC has established the United States as a global leader for testing of pre- and post-combustion carbon capture technologies as evidenced by the extensive use of the facility by international technology vendors.

DOE/NETL Carbon Capture Program: Carbon Dioxide Capture Handbook
August 2015

This Handbook focuses on advanced solvent, sorbent, and membrane technologies for CO2 capture, as well as advanced CO2 compression technologies. The significant advances that have been made with CO2 capture and compression technologies are summarized with regard to thermodynamic, cost, and process characteristics. In addition, recommendations are provided regarding future carbon capture and compression R&D.