Membrane Process to Capture CO2 from Power Plant Flue Gas 
Project No.: DE-NT0005312

MTR membrane test skid.
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Membrane Technology and Research (MTR) Inc. is preparing commercial-scale membrane modules that meet low pressure-drop and high packing-density performance targets using carbon dioxide (CO2) capture membranes developed under FC26-07NT43085, a previous MTR project with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory. These thin-film membranes utilize Pebax® polyether-polyamide copolymers. The new research will involve the construction of an approximately 1 ton of CO2 per day capacity membrane skid for use in a six-month pilot-scale field test using a slip-stream of flue gas from a coal-fired power plant.

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  • For further information on this project, contact the NETL Project Manager, José D. Figueroa.