Biomimetric Membrane 
Project No.: FC26-07NT43084

Biomimetric Membrane Diagram

Carbozyme Inc. is conducting the second of two projects (NT43084 active, NT42824 completed) with the goal of developing a cost efficient, low energy, carbon dioxide (CO2) capture system applicable to coal-fired power plant flue gas exhaust streams, while achieving an energy consumption target of less than 15 percent.

Carbozyme, Inc. has developed an enzyme-catalyzed, contained liquid membrane (CLM) permeator that selectively extracts CO2 from mixed gas streams. Initial efforts will demonstrate the ability of the CLM permeator to efficiently extract CO2 from a variety of flue gas streams, including coal and natural gas. The permeator performance will be considered successful if it achieves the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) targets of at least 90 percent separation and 95 percent purity in the captured flue gas stream with a cost of energy of less than 20 percent by 2012. The project objective is to achieve a parasitic load of less than 15 percent. The project will demonstrate progressive cost, performance, and feature improvements that will support acceptance of the CLM permeator system for both retrofit and greenfield power plants.

The performance of Carbozyme’s EBCLM technology depends upon more fully matching coal-based power plant operating conditions and economic constraints. This relies on appropriate use of the information on the chemical, physical, and process-engineering characteristics of the EBCLM design.

The successful EBCLM permeator will have high CO2 permeance and high selectivity while maintaining low energy requirements for regeneration. Carbozyme will scale the permeators and test them under controlled actual conditions to focus on the ability to manage the flue gas streams from different ranks of coal.

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