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The current project portfolio contains a variety of technologies that incorporate advanced, clean, efficient coal-based power systems. Several of the projects include power systems integrated with carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, while one existing power plant will be retrofitted with CCS technology. Two of these projects will also produce high-value chemicals (poly-generation). These projects will demonstrate diversity in technology for both the power generation and carbon capture systems.

The power system portions of these demonstrations include gasification technology from Trig™ (Southern Company), Siemens (Summit Texas Clean Energy), and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Hydrogen Energy California). The carbon capture systems will include Linde’s Rectisol System (Summit Texas Clean Energy and Hydrogen Energy California) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries KM-CDR Process® (Petra Nova). The COcaptured in three of the projects (Summit Texas Clean Energy, Hydrogen Energy California, and Petra Nova) will be stored through use in enhanced oil recovery.

The Clean Coal Power Initiative (CCPI) program was initiated in 2002 to address an array of domestic and global energy issues through a series of on-going demonstrations. 

The mission of the CCPI is to enable and accelerate the deployment of advanced technologies to ensure clean, reliable, and affordable electricity for the United States. The CCPI is a cost-shared partnership between the government and industry to develop and demonstrate advanced coal-based power generation technologies at the commercial scale. CCPI demonstrations address the reliability and affordability of the nation's electricity supply, particularly from its coal-based generation. CCPI demonstrations will meet technical requirements set forth in the Energy Policy Act of 2005. 

The status of the CCPI projects is summarized as follows:
Complete: 4  
Active: 4  
Withdrawn: 7    
Discontinued: 2  
Negotiations Ceased: 1  
Negotiations: 0  

Total Projects: 18  


A list of all projects selected in the program to date is provided below with a link to the project's information page. If a project was not completed and/or no documents are available, no information page is associated with the project.



  • Airborne Process™ Commercial Scale Demonstration Program (Withdrawn)
  • Demonstration of a Coal-Based Transport Gasifier (FC26-06NT42391: Active)
  • Mercury Species and Multi-Pollutant Control Project (Complete)
  • Mesaba Energy Project (Discontinued)


  • Advanced Multi-product Coal Utilization Byproduct Processing Plant (Withdrawn)
  • Demonstration of Integrated Optimization Software at the Baldwin Energy Complex (Complete)
  • Gilberton Coal-to-Clean Fuels and Power Co-production Project (Negotiations ceased)
  • Increasing Power Plant Efficiency: Lignite Fuel Enhancement (Complete)
  • TOXECON Retrofit for Mercury and Multi-pollutant Control on Three 90-MW Coal-Fired Boilers (Complete)
  • Western Greenbrier Co-production Demonstration Project (Discontinued)
  • Commercial Demonstration of the Airborne Process (Withdrawn) [PDF-580KB]
  • Integration of Advanced Emissions Controls to Produce Next-Generation Circulating Fluid Bed Coal Generating Unit (Withdrawn) [PDF-304KB]