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Sensors, Controls, and Novel Concepts – Program Overview
Sydni Credle, Technology Manager, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Advanced Sensors & Controls FWP
Ben Chorpening, National Energy Technology Laboratory
Michael Buric, National Energy Technology Laboratory
Dustin McIntyre, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Cyber-Physical Systems as a Power System Development Tool
David Tucker, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Development and Testing of Ceramic Materials for Direct Power Extraction
Michael Bowen, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Cyber-Physical Energy System Modeling
Harry Bonilla-Alvarado, Ames Laboratory/Iowa State University

Additive Manufacturing of Circumferentially Embedded Optical Sensor Modules for In Situ Monitoring of Coal-Fueled Steam Turbines
Hai Xiao and Nicholas Tomlinson, Clemson University

Advanced Manufacturing of Ceramic Anchors with Embedded Sensors for Process and Health Monitoring of Coal Boilers
Ed Sabolsky, West Virginia University

Embedded Sensors Integrated into Critical Components for In Situ Health Monitoring of Steam Turbines
Anand Kulkarni, Siemens Corporation

In-Situ Optical Monitoring of Operating Gas Turbine Blade Coatings Under Extreme Environments
Quentin Fouliard, University of Central Florida

Combustion Performance and Emissions Optimization Through Integration of a Miniaturized High-Temperature Multi Process Monitoring System
Zhonghua Zhan, Reaction Engineering International

Test and Validate Distributed Coaxial Cable Sensors for In Situ Condition Monitoring of Coal-Fired Boiler Tubes
Hai Xiao and Huijuan (Jane) Zhao, Clemson University

Boiler Health Monitoring Using a Hybrid First Principles-Artificial Intelligence Model
Debangsu Bhattacharyya, West Virginia University