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2024 FECM/NETL Spring R&D Project Review Meeting - Advanced Energy Materials - PROCEEDINGS


Research and Development Opportunities for Thermal/Environmental Barrier Coatings and Ceramic Matrix Composites for Hydrogen Gas Turbines (FWP-1022406)
Erik Shuster, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)

Design and Evaluation of Environmental Barrier Coatings for Protection of Ceramic Matrix Composites in Hydrogen-Based Turbines (FWP-1022406)
Richard Oleksak, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)

Enhancing Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) Temperature Performance in High-Hydrogen Environments using Field Assisted Sintering Technology (FE0032226)
Stephen Lynch, Pennsylvania State University and Caillin Ryan, The Applied Research Laboratory at Penn State

Development of Hetero-Multilayered Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coatings for Hydrogen Turbines for Stationary Power Generation (FE0032227)
Bao Yang, University of Maryland, College Park

Ceramic Matrix Composites for H2 Combustion (FE0032228)
Jihua Gou and Christopher Varela, University of Central Florida

High-Speed and High-Quality Field Welding Repair Based on Advanced Non-Destructive Evaluation and Numerical Modeling (FE0032067)
Wei Zhang and Desmond Bourgeois, The Ohio State University (University Training & Research)

Conformal Coatings on Additive Manufactured Robust Alloys for Significant Mitigation of Oxidation, Erosion, and Corrosion (FE0032068)
Xueyan Song, West Virginia University (WVU) (University Training & Research)

Accelerated Discovery of Protection System and Laser Processing of Protective Coatings on CMC for Hydrogen Turbines (FE0032231)
Fei Peng, Clemson University and Dongsheng Li, Advanced Manufacturing LLC

Low Cost High Performance Austenitic Stainless Steels for A-USC (FWP-FEAA133)
Xiang (Frank) Chen, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Hybrid Structured Nickel Superalloys to Address Price Volatility and Weld/Weld Repair Based Supply Chain Issues (FE0032071)
Tanner Olson (Student Presenter), Michigan Technological University (University Training & Research)

Assessment And Planning Of Decarbonization Research And Training At University Of Texas Rio Grande Valley (FE0032199)
Maysam Pournik, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Harnessing Plasma Experiments with Quantum Calculation for Low-Cost Hydrogen Production (FE0032091)
Minseok Kim (Student Presenter), University of California - Riverside


eXtremeMAT - Accelerated Design and Manufacture of Next Generation Extreme Environment Materials (FWP-1022433)
Laurent Capolungo, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Water Vapor Resistant SiC/SiC Composite for Hydrogen-Based Turbines (FE0032225)
Ben Callaway and Olivier Sudre, Pratt & Whitney

Predictive Modeling Investigating Steam-mediated Degradation of Environmental Barrier Coatings in Hydrogen-fueled Turbines (PREMISE) (FE0032230)
Wes Jackson, RTX Technology Research Center

Evaluating Ni-Based Alloys for A-USC Component Manufacturing and Use (FWP-FEAA152)
Xiang (Frank) Chen, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and Jack deBarbadillo, Special Metals Corporation

Enabling Production of Hydrogen-Compatible Metal-Base Structural Material for High-Temperature Use through Wire-DED Additive Manufacturing (FWP-FEAA436)
Yukinori Yamamoto, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

High Temperature Hydrogen Attack in Alloys, and their Weldments, Used for Hydrogen Production and Utilization (FWP-FEAA431)
Zhili Feng, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Effect of Impurities on Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Compatibility (FWP-FEAA144)
Bruce Pint, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Forced Flow Thermal Gradient Chemical Vapor Infiltration (FCVI) of Complex-Shape (FWP-FEAA432)
David Mitchell, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Robust Dissimilar Metal Friction Welded Spool for Enhanced Capability for Steam Power Components (FE0031907)
Sreekar Karnati and Voramon Dheeradhada, GE Vernova Advanced Research

Development of Hierarchical ODS High Entropy Alloys Guided by ICME (FP-F-20.2-25592)
Dongsheng Li, Advanced Manufacturing LLC