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MCSG Gasifier

The MCSG is a slurry-fed, entrained flow gasifier. The gasifier clearly incorporates a quench zone beneath the upper gasifier section.The Northwest Research Institute of Chemical Industry (NWRICI) licensed Texaco (currently GE Energy) gasification technology in the 1980s-1990s timeframe, and subsequently guided the design and implementation of a number of Texaco-type gasifiers in China. NWRICI offers its own design for a commercial gasifier, the Multi-Component Slurry Gasifier (MCSG) and gasification system.

The MCSG is a slurry-fed, entrained flow gasifier. The gasifier clearly incorporates a quench zone beneath the upper gasifier section. Typical of entrained flow gasifiers, suitable feedstocks included bituminous coal, petroleum coke, and certain solid residues. Oxygen or oxygen-rich firing of this gasifier facilitates carbon dioxide (CO2) capture capability. MCSG incorporates a proprietary nozzle technology for slurry feeding. The gasifier system is available in seven processing capacities that range from 500 – 1,800 tons coal per day.

Demonstration and Commercialization
The technology has been put into commercial use in China in nearly thirty large-scale, coal-based methanol, ammonia, or coal-to-liquid plants capable of operating at different pressures and feed capacities with the capability also of processing a wide variety of feed stocks. These facilities have the projected capability of producing 1,700 kt/yr ammonia, 6,900 kt/yr methanol, and 160 kt/yr coal-derived liquids. Refer to the China Gasification Database for further information.


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