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China Gasification Database

China has a significant history of coal gasification and current installed capacity, and continues to add more gasification capacity at substantial rates, using a wide range of gasifier choices including both Chinese technology and foreign gasifier types. The following database and its accompanying report provide information on existing and planned gasification-based plants located in China which use coal, lignite, and miscellaneous solid carbonaceous materials as primary feedstocks for production of various products including fuels, chemicals, ammonia, fertilizer, and electric power. This database was developed under Task 3 of Cooperative Agreement DE-FC26-06NT42804, "Development of Alternative Coal Gasification Technologies Data Base," by researchers at the U.S.-China Energy Center, West Virginia University on behalf of NETL. The plants are listed and sortable according to the year the plant started (or is expected to start) operation, the owner of the plant, the location of the plant by city and province, the type of gasifier(s) utilized at the plant, the number of gasifiers, capacity of coal/lignite or other solid feedstock being gasified, and product types along with amounts of the products. The data comes from resources publically available in the Chinese and English literature (i.e. presentations, reports, earlier studies, press announcements, news clips, etc.). The degree to which the plant/project information is correct/accurate, and complete or incomplete is determined by the coverage given by the technology licensor/owner, the industrial developer of the plant or project, the financial supporters of the project, local press, etc.; this information is highly variable in extent of coverage for both existing and planned plants/projects, so some gaps in information are inevitable. Where possible, duplication in the listing of projects (which tends to result from the practice of identifying the same project by more than one name) was eliminated. More detailed information on plants/projects and sources for information can be found in the accompanying report "Coal Gasification in China—A Study Report" in the second link.

Because of the continually evolving status of gasification projects development in China, the information here may not reflect recent changes. Moreover, some errors may have been present in the original plant/project information sources. NETL welcomes updates or corrections to any of the China gasification information. Updates should be directed via the following:

The database and report referenced here are intended to provide an overview of existing, developmental, and proposed gasification plants in China. The database and report may not represent all existing plants and plants under consideration, and limitations of available sources may cause some discrepancies and errors in the tabulated information.
The Department of Energy does not warrant the accuracy or suitability of this information.
Sources used may have contained quantitative errors or difficult to interpret information that may have introduced inaccuracies. Also, experience has shown that public announcements of gasification plant developments do not provide an accurate representation of eventually commissioned gasification plants. Actual plant capacity commissioned has historically been significantly less than new capacity announced/planned.