Buildings and Efficiency

Advanced Manufacturing Office

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) funds the research, development, and demonstration of highly efficient and innovative manufacturing technologies.  DOE has supported the development of more than 250 energy-saving industrial technologies that have been commercialized since 1976.  DOE is also working to create a network of Manufacturing Innovation Institutes, each of which will create collaborative communities to target a unique technology in advanced manufacturing.  DOE’s industrial technical assistance efforts are critical to the deployment of existing and future advanced energy efficiency technologies, as well as energy management solutions.  This part of the program has delivered technical assistance to thousands of industrial plants, saved industry billions of dollars and cut carbon emissions by millions of tons.  With diverse partners, DOE leverages state, utility, and local resources to help manufacturers save energy, reduce climate and environmental impacts, enhance workforce development, and improve national energy security and competitiveness throughout the supply chain.

EERE Advanced Manufacturing Office: