Advanced Combustion

Pilot-Scale Demonstration Of A Novel, Low-Cost Oxygen Supply Process And Its Integration With Oxy-Fuel Coal-Fired Boilers
Linde Group
Project Number: FC26-06NT42748

  Schematic of the Ceramic Autothermal Recovery Process.

Schematic of the Ceramic Autothermal Recovery Process.


The Linde Group (formerly BOC Group, Inc.) will conduct pilot-scale testing of their Ceramic Autothermal Recovery (CAR) oxygen (O2) generation process integrated with a coal-fired combustor to produce a carbon dioxide (CO2) rich flue gas.  The CAR process uses the O2 storage properties of perovskites to adsorb O2 from air in a fixed bed and then release the adsorbed O2 into a sweep gas, such as recycled flue gas, that can be sent to the furnace.  As shown in the figure below, the process is made continuous by operating multiple beds in a cycle.

The project includes integrated testing of a 0.7-ton O2 per day unit at Western Research Institute (WRI) and scale-up to a 10-ton O2 per day unit and integrated testing at Alstom.  Linde will complete integration of the CAR unit dual bed system with the Combustion Test Facility at WRI to conduct integrated oxy-combustion testing; design and construct 10-ton O2 per day CAR unit; integrate 10-ton O2 per day CAR unit with Alstom’s Multi-use Test Facility (MTF) in Windsor, Connecticut; and test integrated CAR-MTF system in both pulverized coal and circulating fluidized bed combustion configurations.

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