Advanced Combustion

CANMET CO2 Consortium-O2/CO2 Recycle Combustion
Natural Resources Canada - CANMET 
Project Number: IEA-CANMET-CO2 (International Agreement)

Photograph of CANMET’s Vertical Combustor Research Facility.
Photograph of CANMET’s Vertical
Combustor Research Facility.

The CANMET carbon dioxide (CO2) consortium will conduct research to further the development of oxy-combustion for retrofit to coal-fired power plants. Research activities include: (1) modeling of an advanced, supercritical pressure oxy-coal plant, including an analysis of the impact of oxygen (O2) purity and O2 partial enrichment, overall process performance, and cost; (2) testing of pilot-scale CO2 capture and compression; (3) investigating CO2 phase change at liquid and supercritical states in gas mixtures resulting from oxy-combustion; (4) testing and performance optimization of a novel, multi-function oxy-fuel/steam burner; and (5) developing a mercury removal process and analysis of multi-pollutant control strategies for oxy-combustion power plants.

The experiments will be done on an instrumented pilot-scale process – a down-fired vertical combustor (cylindrical) that can burn solid, gaseous, and liquid fuels. The flue gas can be recycled in the combustor, thereby increasing the concentration of CO2 in the gas stream and using O2, either separately or mixed with air, for the combustion oxidant.

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