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Proceedings - SCO2 Oxy-Combustion Working Group

SCO2 Oxy-Combustion Working Group
Meeting Minutes
February 27, 2018
Presentation by Dr. Jacob Delimont


  • Dr. Jacob Delimont – Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)
  • Title: “High Inlet Temperature Combustor for Direct Fired Supercritical Oxy-Combustion”
  • Presented an update on work on this project to design, build, and test an oxy-combustor
    • NETL-funded project - Awarded Phase I in 2014, Phase II in 2016
    • Mark Freeman is Federal Project Manager
    • Presentation covered:
      • Project objectives
      • Results / Conclusions from testing at Thar Energy
      • Combustor design
      • Test loop design
      • Future work
    • Highlights:
      • 1 MW-scale; 200 bar; 1600C max temperature
      • Combustor conceptual design was shared
      • Partially pre-mixed swirl stabilized combustor
      • Combustor planned for testing in reconfigured SunShot loop at SwRI
      • Mechanical design, aerothermal design and results of simulations presented


Q&A followed the presentation, with some highlights below of Jacob’s responses to the questions:

  • Georgia Tech is a project partner, for optical diagnostics. Plan to build optical access to the combustor.
  • Will provide gas sampling along the length of the combustor.
  • Can also sample downstream of the combustor.
  • Pressure in test loop set by control valve.
  • Presented multiple possible combustor concepts.
    • Will be using the partially pre-mixed swirl stabilized combustor concept going forward.
  • Materials challenges associated with the sCO2 fluid.
    • Vendors for valves, instrumentations, etc.
    • Proper seals that can handle sCO2 at these conditions.

General Discussion

  • Asked for any feedback on the meeting process.
    • Positive feedback – no recommendations for changes to format
  • Meetings will continue on a bi-monthly basis via web-ex/phone platform.
  • 6th International Symposium on SCO2 Power Cycles coming up in Pittsburgh on March 27-29
    • Opportunity to discuss oxy-combustion topic further
    • Sessions in agenda on oxy-combustion
    • Since there is already a session devoted to oxy-combustion planned for the symposium it was determined to be unnecessary to organize a separate group meeting at the event.
  • TurboExpo coming up in Oslo, Norway
    • Seth Lawson is in discussions with Robin Ames and Eric Clementoni to explore options for organizing a panel to discuss the path forward and the industry perspective on oxy-combustion.

Planning Discussion for Future Meetings
Discussion on planning future meetings:

  • Next meeting will be April 24, 2018 from 1pm-3pm EDT
    • Includes 2 presentations
    • Dr. Subith Vasu – University of Central Florida
    • Dr. Wenting Sun – Georgia Tech
    • Each will present on their NETL-funded University Turbine Systems Research (UTSR) projects.
  • If anyone is interested in volunteering to present at future working group meetings, please email