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The Rock Physics Connection An understanding of rock properties is critical when integrating CSEM data and seismic data. TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENTS IN NATURAL GAS EXPLORATION, PRODUCTION AND PROCESSING A Publication of Gas Technology Institute, the U.S. Department of Energy and Hart Energy Publishing, LP GasTIPS ® Items of Interest 02 Editors’ Comments 20 Publications, Events and Contacts Volume 12 • Number 4 • 2006 Rock Physics 3 Deep Gas Exploration using Pand S-Wave Seismic Attenuation Deeply buried gas reservoirs along the Gulf of Mexico shelf are an important future energy resource for the United States. Deep Gas 5 Updating the Roadmap for Natural Gas Storage Research Underground natural gas storage is an integral element of the nation’s energy delivery system. Road Map 9 Management of Produced Waters from Underground Gas Storage Waters produced from natural gas storage pose a challenge for treatment because they vary widely in composition and volume. High costs associated with current methods of produced water management can limit expansion of existing gas storage fields and development of new fields.