Advanced Carbon Storage Research and Development

Technology Area Overview

The Advanced Carbon Storage technology area focuses on the carbon dioxide-centric aspects of onshore and offshore storage, such as the development of technologies that can improve performance and reduce the cost of tools and techniques to assess wellbore integrity, increase reservoir storage efficiency, improve management of reservoir pressure, confirm permanent storage and identify and mitigate the potential release of carbon dioxide from all types of storage complexes. The technology area contains six key areas, and more information for each area can be found in the links below. In addition, Small Business Research projects are funded through this technology area to help ensure carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies are cost-effective and commercially available. Click the icon to learn more.

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Funding Opportunity Announcement: Carbon Management Funding Opportunity DE-FOA-0002614
The $46 million funding opportunity will develop technologies to remove, capture, and convert or store carbon dioxide from utility and industrial sources or the atmosphere. Projects will examine commercial viability and technical gaps, while also examining environmental impacts and justice implications of the technologies.

News: 2023 FECM / NETL Carbon Management Research Project Review Meeting Proceedings Posted
The proceeding from the 2023 FECM / NETL Carbon Management Research Project Review Meeting held August 28 - September 1, 2023 are posted for the following programs: Point Source Carbon Capture, Carbon Dioxide Removal, Carbon Conversion, and Carbon Transport & Storage.

News: Carbon Matchmaker Tool and Carbon Management Interactive Diagram Released
DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM) released two interactive resources to assist with advancing carbon management technologies and infrastructure in the United States: The Carbon Matchmaker Tool and the Carbon Management Interactive Diagram.

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Project Portfolio

The project portfolio provides an informative overview of the current, recently completed, and archived projects supported by the Advanced Carbon Storage technology area.



The Infographics provide a general overview of program highlights of the Advanced Carbon Storage projects in a shareable format.