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PROCEEDINGS - Virtual Informational Workshop on Responsible and Sustainable Natural Gas: Challenges and Opportunities in Africa

Workshop Summary

  • September 14, 2021

Welcome and Orientation
Anthony Armaly, Global Partnerships Manager, National Energy TechnologyvLaboratory (NETL), Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM), U.S.vDepartment of Energy (DOE)

Opening Remarks: U.S. Government Perspectives on the Coming Energy Transition
Landon Derentz, Director of Africa, Middle East, Europe & Eurasia, Office of International Affairs (IA), DOE
Ryan Peay, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Resource Sustainability, FECM, DOE

Challenges and Opportunities of a Net Zero Future for Africa
MODERATOR: Andrew Palmateer, Program Director, United States Energy Association
Wale Shonibare, Director, Energy Financial Solutions, Policy & Regulation, African Development Bank
Bertrand Heysch de la Borde, Director, Energy & Mining, International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group
Dr. Lily Odarno, Director - Energy, Development and Climate in Africa, Clean Air Task Force

Innovating for a net zero future

  • Making a case for net zero gas industries
  • Setting benchmarks for responsible natural gas development
  • Capturing and utilizing flared gas

Are international financial institutions ready to support responsible natural gas development?
DOE innovation supporting an affordable net zero gas industry
How can governments use innovation to support the transition to an affordable net zero gas strategy?


  • September 15, 2021

Opening Remarks
Rachel Halpern, Division Director for Justice & Engagement, FECM, DOE

Fostering Technology Innovation to Maximize Abatement of Emissions in the Natural Gas Sector
MODERATOR: Stephen Thompson, Global Head, Poten & Partners, Inc., LNG & Natural Gas Advisors
Jared Ciferno, Technology Manager, Natural Gas Infrastructure, NETL, FECM, DOE
Bayo Olarewaju-Alo, Principal Consultant & Partner, AVODAN Project and Engineering Services Ltd.
Dr. Mark C. Thurber, Director, Program on Energy and Sustainable Development, Stanford University

Adaptation of innovative technologies, standards, and best management practices
Water resource considerations (energy-water nexus)
Greening the gas transportation lifecycle – shipping and offloading
Methane emissions measurement and mitigation technologies, practices and technical gaps

Finding Opportunities: Development of Added-Value Markets
MODERATOR: Dr. Johan Van Dyk, Technical Specialist, Energy Supply and Conversion, Gas Technology Institute
Ms. Olu Verheijen, Managing Director, Latimer Energy; Entrepreneur in Residence, Energy for Growth Hub
Dr. Daniel Haynes, Senior Scientist, Reaction Engineering Team, Energy Conversion Engineering Division, Research & Innovation Center, NETL, DOE/FECM

Stranded gas conversion to added value products: hydrogen, ammonia, etc.

  • Reducing and utilizing flared/vented gas

Infrastructure repurposing: virtual pipelines, retrofitting export terminals with CCUS technology, etc.
Clean natural gas investment needs: communicating market opportunities and establishing effective incentives

The Opportunity of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)
MODERATOR: Michael Moore, Program Director, United States Energy Association
Mark Ackiewicz, Director, Carbon Capture and Storage Research and Development Division, Office of Clean Coal & Carbon Management, FECM, DOE
Dr. David Khoza, Executive Manager, Integrated Geoscience Development, Council for Geoscience, Republic of South Africa

Framing the challenges of CCUS
CCUS in the gas sector

  • Upstream; midstream; downstream

International CCUS projects: collaboration opportunities
Commercializing CCUS technologies

Closing Remarks
James Jewell, Acting Deputy Director, Office of Africa, Middle East, Europe & Eurasia, IA, DOE