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Seismic Monitoring Offers Insight to Enhance Shale Gas Production
Image of NETL logoSeismic activity occurs regularly, primarily due to Earth’s natural movement but sometimes due to the deep injection of wastewater for disposal or other valuable purposes. Far from the catastrophic images of devastating earthquakes that may come to mind, the most frequent seismic activity is imperceptible and even beneficial to the average American. When it comes to hydraulic fracturing operations to recover deep shale gas, seismic activity provides vital information to scientists about the subsurface stresses and permeable fractures. Seismic activity also enhances production and boosts efficiency.

NETL Explores Subsurface Data Using Cutting-Edge 3D Imaging Technology
Image of NETL logoWithout ever leaving the Lab, NETL researchers are exploring the microscopic spaces in rocks, called pores, to take measurements as they seek a better understanding of how liquids and gases interact. These measurements are expanding scientific knowledge of the subsurface environment to ensure safe and effective carbon storage, enhanced resource recovery, and basic scientific understanding of subsurface phenomena.

NETL Webinar Outlines Gains and Struggles in Energy Workforce
Image of NETL logoEmployment in energy fields, including oil and natural gas sectors, continued to increase in 2017, but employers are facing challenges when seeking qualified workers to fill open positions, according to data presented during the Future Energy and Manufacturing Jobs webinar sponsored by the NETL Regional Workforce Initiative (RWFI).

NETL Researchers Pinpointing New Domestic Sources of Rare Earth Elements
Image of NETL logoTo help protect our nation, researchers at NETL are working to secure a low-cost domestic supply of rare earth elements (REEs) by identifying promising sources using a combination of big data analysis, advanced microscopy and by developing innovative exploration and recovery processes.


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Director's Corner

Sean I. Plasynski, Ph.D.

 Photo of Sean I. Plasynski, Ph.D. NETL’s Subsurface Research: Continuing a Legacy of Fueling America’s Productivity and National Defense

Nearly all the energy sources that helped build our nation came from deep beneath our feet. The rich subsurface of our planet provides the oil, gas, and coal that fuel our prosperity and build a foundation for future growth. The wealth of domestic resources found in our nation’s subsurface, coupled with advanced energy technologies that enable their efficient use, promote competitiveness across our industry. That’s why cutting-edge research now underway at NETL is focused on maximizing our ability to access the vast domestic resources of the subsurface. These research projects will ultimately lead to lower costs for consumers while strengthening America’s energy dominance.


NETL: Meeting America’s Energy Challenges


NETL is developing innovative technology solutions to the nation’s energy challenges through effective resource development, efficient energy conversion and responsible stewardship of the environment. Click here to learn more about how NETL is exercising its world-class capabilities in fossil energy science and engineering to enhance America’s energy future. Connect with us to find ways to collaborate.

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