Advanced Energy Systems Program

Gasification Systems

The Gasification Systems Program is developing advanced technologies to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of producing syngas.

Gasifipedia | Feed Systems | Gasifier Optimization | Syngas Processing | Systems Analyses | Gasification Plant Databases

Advanced Combustion

The Advanced Combustion Program is developing technologies and new high-temperature materials that enable electricity production using low-cost, highly efficient, oxygen-fired combustion systems.

Oxy-combustionChemical Looping

Coal and Coal/Biomass to Liquids

The Coal and Coal/Biomass to Liquids program effort is focused on technologies to foster the commercial adoption of coal and coal/biomass gasification and the production of affordable liquid fuels and hydrogen with excellent environmental performance.

Coal/Biomass Feed and Gasification | Advanced Fuels Synthesis

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

The Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Program is developing low-cost, highly efficient solid oxide fuel cell power generation systems that produce electric power from natural gas or coal with carbon capture capabilities. 

Anode-Electrode-Cathode Development | Atmospheric Pressure Systems | Pressurized Systems


The NETL Turbine Program manages a research, development, and demonstra-tion (RD&D) portfolio designed to remove environmental concerns over the future use of coal by developing revolutionary, near-zero-emission advanced turbine technologies.

Hydrogen Turbines ResearchAdvanced Research | Univ. Turbine Systems Research |  Small Business Innovation Research

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