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DOE, Natural Resources Canada Announce Pilot Plant to Advance Oxy-Combustion Carbon Capture

Image of NETL logoThe U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Canada’s Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) today announced the opening of a new 1 Megawatt Thermal (MWth) facility to test an advanced process to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from coal-fired power plants.  The announcement was made during a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the facility in Ottawa.

One for the History Books

Image of NETL logoThere’s no doubt the tragedy of the Deep Water Horizon explosion and oil spill in 2010—plus the innovative science and engineering techniques that eventually stopped the leak, created ways to prevent similar events, and improved the safety of deep offshore drilling operations—will be captured in the pages of history. The Pittsburgh Business Times (PBT) believes NETL researcher Dr. Barbara Kutchko, and the important work she performed, are an integral part of that history and worthy of significant recognition.

DOE Announces $80 Million Investment to Build Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Pilot Plant Test Facility

Image of NETL logoThe U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is awarding up to $80 million for a six-year project to design, build, and operate a 10-MWe (megawatts electrical) supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) pilot plant test facility in San Antonio, TX. The project will be managed by a team led by the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®), and General Electric Global Research (GE-GR).

Department of Energy to Invest $2 Million for Small-Scale Production of Rare Earth Elements

Image of NETL logoThe U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy and the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) have announced approximately $2 million in federally funded financial assistance for the first phase of cost-shared projects aimed to achieve small-scale production of salable rare earth elements (REEs) from domestic sources of pre-combustion coal and coal by-products.

Director's Corner

Dr. Grace M. Bochenek

 Photo of Dr. Grace Bochenek Energy Innovation is NETL’s Lifeblood

Energy innovation is NETL’s lifeblood. It requires forging and leveraging partnerships with academia, industry, and other research institutions to accelerate technology development and drive commercialization. It also requires challenging the status quo and advancing technology in a systematic way. NETL has key role to play—as a National Laboratory, our science, technology, and research are powerful anchors of innovation and sustainable economic growth.


TransTech Conference Highlight: NETL Laser System for Environmental Monitoring

Lasers-Pic.jpgMonitoring technology is an environmental necessity in modern energy production. NETL’s unique laser system for environmental monitoring will be highlighted at 5th annual TransTech Energy Conference, October 26–27, in Morgantown, WV.

TransTech Conference Highlight: NETL Oxygen-Carrier Technology

BIAS-Pic.jpgChemical looping combustion relies on robust oxygen-carrier technology, like the highly efficient metal-based carriers being developed at NETL. This technology will be highlighted at the 5th annual TransTech Energy Conference, October 26–27, in Morgantown, WV.