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UPGrants Manufacturers

The planned FOA will be published on FedConnect as DE-FOA-0002829. Although demonstration grants under the FOA will be restricted to eligible entities (States, local governments, and public utilities or agencies), these eligible entities will need to procure and use commercial or industrial products derived from anthropogenic carbon oxides. These products must demonstrate significant net reductions in life cycle greenhouse gas emissions compared to incumbent technologies, processes, and products. For a product to warrant inclusion on the UPGrants Vendor list, the vendor’s life cycle analysis (LCA) must satisfactorily complete critical review in accordance with UPGrants-specific LCA guidance. Additionally, carbon conversion product manufacturers have the option (but are not required) to submit data related to techno-economic analysis (TEA) and community benefits, which will facilitate further development of the Carbon Conversion Program. Additional guidance can be found below.

Carbon conversion product manufacturers can submit documents prepared in accordance with the preceding guidance through the UPGrants Vendor Information Submission page. Manufacturers are required to prepare their LCA using the NETL UPGrants LCA Guidance Toolkit which provides requirements, instructions, tools, and templates for LCA development.  If the manufacturer-provided LCA satisfactorily completes critical review, the manufacturer will be listed on the UPGrants Vendors page.

Earlier this year, a series of workshops specific to the UPGrants program were organized by DOE in collaboration with the United States Energy Association (USEA). These presentations were recorded and are available for viewing through the USEA website or the UPGrants Resources page. For manufacturers, particular videos of interest may include “Life Cycle Analysis for CO2 Conversion” presented by Greg Cooney, “Techno-Economic Analysis” by Greg Hackett, and “Explaining FECM’s Societal Considerations and Impacts Framework: What are we doing and why?” by Holly Buck. Additional supporting information can be found by visiting the UPGrants Resources page.