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Performer:  Archer Daniels Midland Corporation Location:  Decatur, Illinois
Project Duration:  11/16/2009 – 09/30/2019 Award Number:  FE0001547
Technology Area:   Total Award Value:  $207,942,199
Key Technology:   DOE Share:  $141,405,945
Performer Share:  $66,536,254

ADM’s Agricultural Processing and Biofuels Plant, Decatur, IL.
ADM’s Agricultural Processing and Biofuels Plant, Decatur, IL.

Project Description

The objective of this project is to demonstrate an integrated system of industrial CO2 capture and geological storage in a deep sandstone formation. The project uses CO2 produced by ADM as a by-product of the production of fuel-grade ethanol. ADM will capture approximately one million tons of CO2 per year using dehydration and compression and sequester it in the Mt. Simon Sandstone formation (saline reservoir). The ethanol plant and the sequestration site are both located in Decatur, Illinois. The project team members include ADM, Illinois State Geological Survey, Schlumberger Carbon Services, and Richland Community College.

This will be the first geologic storage project to operate with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new Class VI injection well permit and the largest saline storage project in the United States. This project is demonstrating cutting-edge technologies for intelligent monitoring in the deep verification well (i.e., Schlumberger’s IntelliZone compact modular multi-zonal management system—first installation in North America), a downhole seismic monitoring system (i.e., Sercel SlimWave acquisition unit with WAVELAB surface control) in the geophysical well, and Schlumberger’s WellWatcher monitoring system that integrates advanced downhole measurement technology with surface acquisition and data communication systems.

Project Benefits

The ICCS Program large-scale demonstration target will be met through the capture and storage of 1 million tons per year of CO2 at full capacity, which will be collected from an industrial facility's concentrated stream. As part of its life cycle, the project will continue to develop compression, dehydration, injection, and monitoring, verification, and accounting technologies.

Successful implementation of this project will facilitate exploration of long-term CO2 utilization options, such as enhanced oil recovery, in the Southern Illinois Basin. Furthermore, demonstration of the CO2 compression technology, as well as the CO2 storage experience in this project using the first Class VI injection well in a saline reservoir, will be applicable for geological storage of CO2 from coal-fired power generation. The Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum, an international initiative, recognized this project as an important step toward CCS commercialization.

Project Status

The nation’s first Class VI injection well permit was received and ADM began CO2 sequestration operation, i.e., injecting CO2 into Mt. Simon Sandstone saline reservoir, on April 7, 2017.

Integral and unique to this demonstration project is the formation of the National Sequestration Education Center (NSEC)—an education and training facility for CCS outreach—housed at nearby Richland Community College (RCC) in Decatur. RCC, through the NSEC, offers first-of-its-kind Associate Degree Programs with a Sequestration Specialty in the United States, and also distributes "The Green Guide: A Curriculum of Global Sustainability" at Teacher’s Clean Energy Workshops, which provides full lesson plans on sustainablility topics and a teacher’s experiments tool kit.

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