Advanced Combustion

Jupiter Oxycombustion and Integrated Pollutant Removal for the Existing Coal Fired Power Generation Fleet
Jupiter Oxygen Corporation
Project Number: FC26-06NT42811

This research and development project will construct and operate a 50 MMbtu (approximately15 MWth) test facility in Hammond, IN with Jupiter Oxygen oxy-fuel technology and Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory's [NETL] Integrated Pollution Removal [IPR™] technology to test high flame temperature oxy-fuel combustion and advanced carbon capture. Operation of the facility will provide developmental engineering and design data for the research retrofit of future coal-fired power plants , to advance the creation of a virtually zero emissions power plant for NOx, SOx, particulate and mercury, as well as one capture ready for CO2 sequestration.

The 15 MWth test facility will provide quality data for better understanding oxy-fuel combustion using the high flame temperature Jupiter Oxygen heat transfer approach and the IPR™ system. Combustion protocols include baseline air firing with natural gas, oxygen and natural gas firing with and without flue gas recirculation, and oxygen and pulverized coal firing with flue gas recirculation. Testing focuses on characterizing burner performance, determining heat transfer characteristics, optimizing CO2 capture, and maximizing heat recovery, with an emphasis on data traceability to address retrofit of existing boilers by directly transforming burner systems to oxy-fuel firing.

Data collected on boiler efficiency, heat transfer, flame and burner characteristics, materials performance, and flue gas characteristics will be used by Jupiter Oxygen to refine their approach and by NETL to supplement their development of future computer modeling tools for oxy-combustion systems. This innovative approach in the field of carbon capture study will significantly add to the current knowledge base. The size of the test facility and burner capacities will accelerate technology development so that large scale demonstrations and, ultimately, commercialization can be realized for both new and retrofit power plants in the near future.

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  • For further information on this project, contact the NETL Project Manager, Timothy Fout.