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NETL Employees Earn Accolades for Excellence in Government
FEB Award

Director’s Corner

by Brian Anderson, Ph.D.

As a federal lab, NETL is committed to excellence in public service. Our research is improving people’s lives by protecting our environment and enhancing our nation’s prosperity through technologies that enable clean, affordable and abundant energy.  

Recently, NETL was recognized for its commitment to public service by the Pittsburgh Federal Executive Board, which presented two awards for Excellence in Government to NETL employees.

The FEB strives to provide effective communications and coordination between federal agencies and all levels of government, and awards bestowed by the FEB focus attention on all employees in the federal government whose service demonstrates deep personal and professional commitment.

This year, the following NETL employees were recognized: 

  • Tim Florian — Gold winner in the Diversity and Inclusion category, for reshaping NETL’s Diversity & Inclusion program to make training and program offerings more available, thought-provoking and relevant. 
  • Larry Kincell — Gold winner in the Community Service category, for volunteering his time with a local Little League Challenger Division program to bring the joy of baseball to children and young adults with physical and intellectual disabilities.  

I’m extremely proud to see our talented employees receive recognition for their dedication and service to their communities and the nation. In addition, I look forward to October when the Oregon FEB will announce their award winners. NETL nominated three individuals for their excellent service, and we wish them all luck. 

The FEB awards are a testament to the hard work of our entire NETL team and a true commitment to excellence. Congratulations to all our award winners for a job well done.