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Researcher working on equipment
At NETL, Innovation Thrived in 2019

Director’s Corner

by Brian Anderson, PhD.

As NETL Director, it’s my honor and privilege to tout the innovative work of our talented experts. It’s a particular honor to share how NETL’s work is benefiting our nation and having a global impact. Coal, oil and natural gas provide power to people around the world, but our reliance of fossil fuels means we are also faced with a changing climate as a result of human-induced carbon dioxide emissions. NETL researchers have been hard at work to develop technology solutions that will ensure continued access to affordable, reliable energy with responsible stewardship of the environment. Here’s a brief look at some of our successes over the past year. In 2019, we:

This is just a quick snapshot highlighting some of NETL’s advancements. Throughout the end of 2019, we will be highlighting additional examples of the Lab’s progress in discovering, integrating and maturing technology solutions to enhance the nation’s energy foundation and protect the environment for future generations. Learn more in our newsroom