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Welcome National Clean Energy Week With NETL
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Recognized from Sept. 23-27 this year, National Clean Energy Week celebrates advancements in technology that mitigate negative environmental impacts while enhancing the nation’s energy foundation. NETL’s ongoing energy research exemplifies this message by providing technological solutions to the nation’s energy challenges and supporting common-sense solutions that address America’s current and future economic and energy needs.

The Lab’s groundbreaking research focuses on developing commercially viable technologies that address a range of energy challenges, including effective resource development, efficiency energy conversion, and results-oriented environmental sustainability.

NETL’s clean energy research goals and topics of interest include improving the efficiency of the current coal-fired fleet; advancing highly efficient small-scale modular coal plants; developing computational and simulation tools to aid in reducing the cost of CO2 capture; and addressing water quality, sustainability and availability for power generation, among others. These efforts not only work to develop emerging clean energy technologies for eventual integration into the grid, but also enhance current fossil fuel-driven energy generation methods to make them more efficient with fewer environmental emissions.

Founded in 2017, National Clean Energy Week was created when a coalition of businesses and organizations from across the country partnered to advance support of the nation’s energy sector through market development, policy change and technological innovation.

Join us as we celebrate National Clean Energy Week on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to learn more about how the Lab’s research and development programs are contributing to critical advancements in clean energy.