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ExxonMobil, NREL Partnership to Expand Key NETL Research Programs
Exxon Story

NETL will expand key research programs aimed at advancing groundbreaking low-emissions energy technologies under a new 10-year partnership with ExxonMobil and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Per agreements announced Wednesday, May 8, ExxonMobil will invest up to $100 million in cooperative research and development aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the growing power generation, transportation and manufacturing industries. The influx of funding will allow NETL to expand research on carbon capture and storage, carbon dioxide utilization, oil and gas, enhanced oil recovery and more.

Collaborative research will target breakthroughs in advanced biofuels, life-cycle assessment, process intensification, carbon capture and other emerging low-carbon technologies. The goal is to develop innovative technologies that make advanced energy systems more efficient, so they use less fuel and generate fewer emissions, or mitigate the carbon generated through safe and cost-effective means.

“Ultimately, we’re going to see technology development advancing more rapidly from the laboratory to commercial scale and technology transfer accelerating so that consumers will benefit in the near term,” NETL Director Brian J. Anderson, Ph.D., said. “I’m looking forward to the innovations that are going to result from our shared expertise and collaborative projects, which, in the big picture, will enhance our nation’s prosperity and energy security.” 

Exxon plans to co-locate scientists at NETL and NREL, based in Golden, Colorado, and research may expand to include additional DOE national labs. Anderson said each partner brings unique capabilities that will expedite the development of transformative technology solutions that meet America’s energy needs.

“This partnership will benefit from ExxonMobil’s leadership in strategic R&D, NREL’s expertise in technology advancement across the renewable energy spectrum, and NETL’s innovation in fossil energy, carbon capture, utilization, and storage as well as our expertise in program integration and execution,” Anderson said.

The partnership marks NETL’s first cooperative agreement with NREL, a milestone in their shared pursuit of strategic energy solutions that incorporate diverse resources to provide clean, reliable and affordable energy. ExxonMobil’s research efforts focus on the development of advanced systems that involve a mix of fossil and other energy technologies. 

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NETL’s mission is to discover, integrate, and mature technology solutions to enhance the nation’s energy foundation and protect the environment for future generations. Through forward-looking research and technology development, the Lab’s team of talented and diverse experts provides technology solutions for today and options for tomorrow.