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Transformative Power Generation

TPG LogoProvide clean, efficient, flexible, reliable, and cost-competitive coal-based power generation for near to long term

The Transformative Power Generation Program aims to advance science, engineering, and technology by inventing, integrating, maturing, and commercializing coal combustion power technologies and systems to enhance the nation’s energy production and protect the environment for future generations. The program develops technologies to improve performance and extend the life of existing power plants. Research also focuses on next generation modular coal-fired power plants providing stable power generation with operational flexibility and high efficiency, as well as oxy-combustion and chemical looping combustion – technologies that provide options for coal-fired power generation in a carbon-constrained future.

The program uses a multi-pronged and coordinated approach to identify and perform research through in-house research and development (R&D), as well as cost-shared R&D with external partners in academia, industry, and other national laboratories.

Transformative Power Generation technologies will be market-driven with the best technologies, increasing deployment opportunities in an increasingly challenging power generation market.

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The program comprises three key technologies: Existing Plants Combustion Technologies, Transformational Technologies, and Novel and Enabling Concepts.


Existing Plant LogoExisting Plants Combustion Technologies

Research identifies impactful, near-term opportunities applicable to the needs of the existing fleet, leading to increased reliability, operational flexibility, and improved efficiency.


Transformational Tech LogoTransformational Technologies

Research is developing coal combustion technology options for future deployment of flexible, reliable, and resilient plants. Additionally, research on chemical looping and pressurized oxy-combustion technologies is developing options for CO2 capture.


Enabling Concepts LogoNovel and Enabling Concepts

Novel and enabling concepts, such as direct power extraction, have the potential to achieve dramatic improvements in the cost and performance of coal-based power systems in the long term.


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Technology area contact:

John Rockey